25 Wall Décor Ideas for Stylish Interior

Wall décor makes the difference between dull and stylish. Many wall décor ideas nowadays use unique materials to stand out. You can also combine regular materials in certain ways to create a fresh look. Here are 25 ideas you can replicate at home, without expensive costs.

1. Rustic Wall Décor with Branches

wall decor ideas

Several dried branches formed great visuals in this simple wall. The branches were arranged to form a tree-like shape. They were cut to fit three empty frames, creating unique visuals.

2. DIY Round Wall Planter

This DIY turned a couple of tin cans into round planters. Stick them vertically on the wall to make mini gardens. Mini plants that don’t require soil help you get more creative with the design.

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3. Modular Wall TV Cabinet

This wall TV cabinet has a modular style, offering multiple storage spaces. You can place the TV in the middle while arranging other objects around it. The natural wood grain patterns make it more interesting.

4. Flashy Mini Macrame Wall Ornament

This macrame combines heavy and sheer weaving patterns in one ornament. The soft grey color makes it perfect for various rooms.

5. Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon shelves make the most common wall look more interesting. These shelves are used to display plants. Empty the rest of the shelves, so they serve as pure decorations.

6. Wooden Wall Décor Art

DIY wall decor ideas

Simple wooden décor elevates a common room into a beautiful interior. This wooden décor uses distinctive lines to form a mountain range. Different dimensions created a unique look.

7. Trees and Birds Wall Stickers

Wall stickers create beautiful wall decorations in an easy way. These stickers gave the homeowner a tree with flying leaves, birds, and beautiful quotes. They frame a sofa set and create a cozy seating area.

8. Gallery Wall Decoration

This wall uses a bunch of colorful artworks to create a gallery. The pictures were grouped on one wall to create a focal point. A low-hanging chandelier completed to the look.

9. Hat Hanger Décor

This hat hanger has a double function as wall decoration. The simple form showcases several stylish hats. This is a perfect decoration for a more personalized interior.

10. Hanging Guitar Collection

Hang your musical instruments to show off your personality, like these wall guitars. They accompany simple grey walls, a beautiful red sofa, and a dark wooden floor.

11. Family Photos on Iron Pipe

Displaying family photos in a stylish way elevates your wall. These family photos are attached with chains to a metal bar. They look stylish, unique, but intimate.

12.Book Display in Cabinet

This wall cabinet has special shelves to display books. The colorful cooking books look great when paired with wine bottles.

13. Modern Wooden Crate Shelves


These shelves were made of repurposed wooden crates. The slats provide a stylish look and circulation. The modern arrangement makes them interesting.

14. DIY Acrylic Event Calendar

Remind yourself every day with this acrylic calendar. The transparent surface provides an ideal writing background when hung on a bright wall. The months, days, and activity boxes make it easy to regulate daily schedules.

15.Magnetic Wall

This magnetic wall gives children a spot for creativity. The sheen surface is great to stick letters, numbers, or small decorations.

16. Colorful Wall Map

This wall map consists of a colorful mosaic, which looks great when paired with a white interior. The patterned fabric pairs nicely with the map.

17. Colorful Mural

This mural provides a color explosion on a dull corner. The mural does not create bulk, making it perfect to spice up a small space or narrow hallway.

18. Unique Wall Baskets

This wall ornament consists of several unique baskets. The patterns provide a nice, fresh look. Different sizes create more dimensions in the formation.

19. 3D Luxurious Wall Décor

3D luxurious wall décor makes your interior come alive. These stunning fish and lotus flower designs are supported by rough wall textures. They create an impressive display, even in a simple house.

20. Giant Pegboards

These giant pegboards give flexibility in arranging objects. You can place the pegs anywhere when you need to place some objects.

21. DIY “Branch” Wall Shelf

DIY wall decor ideas

This “branch” was made by attaching wooden sticks to a panel and small box shelves. Two flower pots formed the tips of the “branch.” A creative twist of wall planters.

22. Colorful Light Cubes

wall decor ideas

These cubes are fun variations of wall lights. They create a moody atmosphere and make your wall more cheerful.

23. Hexagon Wall Panels

wall decor ideas

These muted hexagon panels add fun elements to the décor without being excessive. They are perfect for interior or semi-exterior, such as terrace decoration.

24. Corresponding Quote Panels

Corresponding quotes, such as these classic “Live, Laugh, Love) panels immediately attract eyes. They add intimacy and warmth in this grey dining area.

25. Faux Brick Wall

The faux brick wall adds unique beauty in this white stairway. The stairs are lack of solid railings to showcase the brick from the lower floor area.

These wall décor ideas are not million-Dollar things. You can easily build many of them. Spice up your house or apartment by applying beautiful DIY wall decorations like these.


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