10 Fantastic Walk in Showers Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Walk in Showers For Small Bathrooms – yourself up under the shower is necessary to invigorate yourself.

Sometimes taking shower is not just about getting you clean, but it is also about releasing stress.

And to get a high quality shower time, try out these 10 fantastic Walk in Showers For Small Bathrooms.

1.   LED Walk in Showers For Small Bathrooms

LED Walk in Showers For Small Bathrooms


Showerheads are getting more elegant and creative now. One of which is LED showerheads that will make you look forward to shower time.

LED showerheads do not only squirt some water out but also illuminate the area where you are standing, producing colored water for an outstanding shower experience.

This walk-in shower does not have many accessories. It is simple yet elegant thanks to the turquoise light produced by the LED rain showerhead.

2.  Walk in Shower Room in the Attic

Walk in Shower Room in the Attic


Many homeowners turn their attics into a hidden storage room. Actually, an attic can be more than just a place to hide wreckage and miscellaneous items away.

This attic, for instance, is no longer dark and dank. It has become a nice shower room that can refresh your body and mind.

It looks more spacious because the shower is installed at the corner, giving an abundance of space in the middle.

3.   Wet Shower Room

best Wet Shower Room


Wet shower room is getting more popular today, apparently. It adds the touch of luxury as the shower floor is flush with the remaining floor of the bathroom, creating a seamless charm.

Another benefit that you can get from this wet shower room is the easy access. Why is it so?

A wet shower is usually without a door and shower tray, which makes it easy to stand under the shower head.

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4.   Elegant Black Corner Shower Enclosure

Elegant Black Corner Shower Enclosure


Do you not want to miss the chance to have a chic shower room? Try this black shower enclosure.

A corner shower enclosure is your greatest bet when it comes to a small bathroom because it is literally installed at one of the corners in your bathroom.

It usually consists of two glass panels that prevent the splash from wetting the bathroom floor.

What make this shower room look elegant are the black matte tiles. The black grout makes the tiles look bold.

5.   Modern Farmhouse Shower Room

Modern Farmhouse Shower Room

If you are a big fan of traditional look, you should give this modern farmhouse shower room a try.

This bathroom looks classic with the grey beadboard paneling and the tongue-and-groove ceiling.

The walk-in shower is not covered with a glass panel. It is covered with a white curtain, instead.

The white subway tiles are installed in a classic way to accentuate the style. A small glass window on the ceiling allows natural light to illuminate the shower.

6.   En-Suite Walk in Showers Ideas

En-Suite Walk in Showers Ideas


Get rid of the bathroom door and wall that separate it from your bedroom to get an easier access.

It may sound insane because eradicating the wall means the water can ruin your bedroom.

It can be tackled by installing a shower enclosure. The glass panels and the tray will keep the water from splashing out and making the floor wet.

Besides, this shower room style will make your modern bedroom look fabulous because less is more.

7.   Shower Room for Small Bathroom

Shower Room for Small Bathroom

Showering in a small bathroom can be irritating especially if it is messy and dated.

Now, it is time to refurbish your small shower room and turn it into a fabulous one.

The first thing that you need to consider is the corner shower enclosure that will not gobble up the space fit perfectly with the corner of your bathroom.

Next, consider installing pebble tiles for the flooring for a distinctive look and texture.

8.   Basement Shower Room Design

walk in showers in small bathrooms


A finished basement can serve the same functions as the other rooms in your house. It is possible to be a place where you sleep or gather with your family.

For the matter, you are going to need to build a basement bathroom.

This basement shower room implements a minimalist look with yellow and grey hues.

Clean-line edges rule every inch of this shower room, proving the touch of modern style.

9.   Grey Shower Ideas

inspiring Grey Shower room Ideas

Grey is one of the best neutral colors that can be applied in any bathroom styles. From traditional type to modern one, the range is pretty wide.

This shower room is furnished with white and grey hues. The white vanity and cabinets contrast with the grey floor and wall, adding a little bit of nuance.

The walk-in shower features an accent wall installed in herringbone way, incorporating a conspicuous pattern.

10. Luxurious Rustic Shower

Luxurious Rustic Shower 


Blending rustic and modern style all together can be a great idea. As you can see, this bathroom looks rustic with a few modern elements.

The wall is covered with distressed wood panels, accentuating the rustic look very well. To highlight the style, a rustic cabinet floats next to the modern sink and closet.

A glass panel and LED showerhead add the touch of modern style in this shower room.

When you are going to apply one of these Walk in Showers For Small Bathrooms, always remember that you are the one that will spend more time here.

Instead of worrying about other users’ comfort, think about what you really want to do with your shower room.

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