10 Beautiful Modern Tile Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms That Will Inspire You

Tile Shower Ideas – Bathroom is not just a place to get you clean. It is also a place where you can relax a little bit and refresh your mind under the shower.

Therefore, it is essential to choose chic tile shower ideas that can steal your focus when showering.

1.  Tile Shower Ideas Modern Accent

Tile Shower Ideas Modern Accent


Installing accent tiles in the walk-in shower is one of the most convenient ways to jazz it up.

Although this idea is quite common, it still works well because there are a wide array of materials and colors that you can choose from.

This walk-in shower, for example, features pebble accent tile which complements the flooring very well.

Besides adding a lively lift to it, the pebble tile also adds textural element, making you feel a different sensation when touching it.

2.   Shower Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tile shower ideas


Ceramic tiles have been widely used by many homeowners due to their versatility.

They provide you an abundance of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes. And the best things are they’re quite durable and affordable.

This walk-in shower incorporates wide ceramic tiles installed in stacked vertical, making it look taller.

The essential spots such as the showerhead and built-in shelves are hosted by the faux stone accent tile that contrasts with the wider tiles.

3.   Bold and Elegant Black

Bold and Elegant Black tile bathroom


Black adds the touch of boldness and elegance in this walk-in shower. It contrasts with the white wall that covers the remaining space in the bathroom.

The wide black subway tiles are installed in stacked vertical, making the walk-in shower look simple yet elegant.

White grout defines the tiles perfectly as well as complementing the white wall.

To add a textural element that accentuates the upscale look, pebble tile flooring is used.

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4.   White Subway Tiles

White shower tile ideas subway

White subway tiles will be your best bet when it comes to traditional look.

Although you can lay the tiles in many ways, you will need to consider laying them in a classic way which is stacked like bricks.

White grout is used to make the tiles flow into one being – white, clean, and hygienic.

But if you think all-white walk-in shower is rather dull, add another color and texture like these mosaic gray tiles.

5.   Marble Tile Shower Ideas

Marble Tile Shower Ideas


Looking for an idea that adds an ultimate elegance to your bathroom and walk-in shower? Try investing in marble tiles.

This walk-in shower features white marble tiles with gray veins that supplement the bathroom floor, making it look clean and elegant.

The great thing of marble tiles is they feature distinctive patterns or veins that other tiles cannot beat.

The veins will make your bathroom look lavish. They may be expensive but they never fail to add a luxurious look to your bathroom.

6.   Elegant Granite Shower Tiles

Elegant Granite Shower Tiles


Ditching the standard shower door is the best choice because you can break the barrier that prevents the granite shower tiles to show their charm.

Instead of installing the tiles with the same size, you can go with various sizes and patterns to create the patchwork style.

Incorporating different texture can enrich the look of your bathroom. But do not go overboard. You can just install natural stone tiles outside the walk-in shower.

7.   Gray Wave-Patterned Shower Tiles

Gray Wave-Patterned tile shower ideas for small bathrooms

Bring the beach vibes by installing these gray wave-patterned shower tiles.

Although they do not provide textural elements like what wave porcelain tiles do, they can still give your bathroom an unrelenting charm.

To create the seamless look, use gray grout that has the same color hue as the tiles.

By letting the tiles look as if they were a single unit, you can make the walk-in shower appear to be larger.

8.   Mosaic Accent Tile in Shower Ideas

Mosaic Accent Tile in Shower Ideas


This shower tile idea will make you look forward to your shower time. The luxurious look provided by the golden accent tile has changed this gray bathroom a lot.

The embossed pattern creates a distinctive look as well as incorporating more texture.

To make it look more dramatic, mosaic gold tiles are installed. The use of gold hues combats the bland of gray as well as alleviating the lavish look.

9.   Fabulous Mosaic Blue and White Tiles

Fabulous Mosaic Blue and White Tiles

Why do you have to stick to just one color if you can use various colors at once?

But you need to do it in an epic way instead of just throw them all carelessly and end up making a haphazard look.

This walk-in shower will surely amaze you. The use of white and blue mosaic tiles create a beautiful gradation, beginning with whiter at the top and more blue at the bottom.

10. Blend with Nature

Blend with Nature bathroom

Embrace the beauty of nature by installing natural stone tiles in your walk-in shower.

You can try forgoing the shower door to get a more authentic look as if you were showering in a cave.

Besides being exquisite, this walk-in shower is also functional. A built-in shelf is available to host shower essentials used on a regular basis.

Not to mention the pebble tiles which match the wall and prevent you from slipping.

Those are 10 chic tile shower ideas that you can try at home. Revamping your bathroom by replacing the tiles may take some time and money. But you will be amazed by the result.

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