Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs Ideas and Pictures

Swimming Pool Design – Something is missing when you own a big house without having a nice swimming pool at the backyard. It feels great to dive in your own pool.

Create your own swimming pool design ! Only so it would meet your expectation. But there are also multiple choices of designs out there you can choose.

From different sizes, types and styles, you can pick one that fits with your house design and the backyard on which you want to build it. Below are some of them. Read them out!

1. Rectangular Outdoor Pool

swimming pool design Rectangular Outdoor Pool


This swimming pool looks so inviting with woods surrounding the area. Just by looking at this picture, you might want to dive soon, spend hours swimming and let your body relaxes in the pool.

If you just want to stand or sit there and enjoy the fresh air, there is a chair that you can rest and relax.

A house design would influence the shape of your swimming pool unless you can find an alternative that will do for you.

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2. Circular Pool

swimming pool design pictures Circular Pool


Square pool is so ordinary. You couldn’t wish for a better swimming pool than a circular one with a view of the sea right from within. Yes, you can own such a pool if you have a place above the sea.

It’s obviously not a complicated design. It means it’s not that difficult to build, right?

You can place some chairs to enjoy the view of the sea even better while watching your friends or family having fun in the pool.

3. Simply Stunning Pool

swimming pool designs and plans Simply Stunning Pool


Having a pool surrounded by trees would certainly give some more value for you. It’s just like having a small paradise in your backyard.

When an idea meets what it needs and well executed, the result speaks for itself.

The path to reach the pool is also precisely created to ease the access back and forth.

A gazebo is already prepared if you just want to sit there and look at the surrounding. It feels so great just to be there.

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4. L-shaped Pool with Spa Corner

swimming pool design images L-shaped Pool with Spa Corner


Having a spa spot along with a pool isn’t a new thing. You can have an L-shaped pool and tag the spa area.

It’s perfect to have in times you want to be under water without swimming while having a nice conversation with friends, colleagues or family.

5. Unique Shape

Unique Shape


It may look like an ordinary pool, but when you pay attention to the landscape, this one is good enough to amaze. If you look at the path carefully, it’s not just an ordinary pool design.

It creates a beautiful look with its curved shape. It’s raised above the ground with magnificent scenery you can enjoy while swimming.

I strongly believe you’ll get inspired by this lovely pool design.

6. Perfectly Designed

Perfectly Designed


It may look like any other rectangular swimming pools you see in many houses, but no, this one is special.

There’s not only one pool, but two at once. They’re designed to form levels one and two.

The difference lies in each depth and size. While the upper pool is intended for children, the lower and bigger one is used by the adults.

One thing completes the others. It’s probably the right concept to picture this pool.

7. Extraordinary

Extraordinary pool


A mansion with a stunning pool is just perfect! The pool goal is to be an area where you can dive into such fresh water to shake all your problems away.

Trees next to the pool shade you from the strong sunlight. Meanwhile, you can have a rest on the chairs while drinking in times swimming feels too much.

The granite flooring is a wise choice. Some beautiful plants around the pool and three big vases give a touch you wouldn’t wish any better. Now, sit or rest, you could do one or even both!

8. Tiny Pool

Tiny Pool

You can build a small pool on a cramped area, but still has a great value. And this picture shows a good example. A small pool is still fine if it’s designed properly. Just take a look at this.

You can start to design the layout by deciding how deep and wide you’d like to have.

Yet the most important thing is make sure the plan comes within your available budget. It’ll be a shame if you dream an outstanding pool but your budget speaks “NO.”

9. Near to the Sea

Near to the Sea


Crave another pool near to the sea? This time you see an impressive rectangular pool.

Border the pool from the beach using fence and some greenery.Add some umbrellas also to give you some spot to rest after swimming.

You can see there are steps in the pool to let you walk down easily when you’re going to swim or to come out from the pool.

This feature is usually given along with handrails if necessary – some people prefer not.

10.  Inviting Wooden Deck

Inviting Wooden Deck pool


What impressive flooring! Wood material is pretty popular to use at deck area with pool.

However, you could decide what kind of pool you’d like to have for your house or villa.

The decision is on you. You can also ask an expert to design what kind of layout the suits you fine.

Have you decided what kind of swimming pool design you’d like to build for your house? We hope you already get a clear idea after reading this guide.

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