10 Awesome Small Bedroom Ideas to Optimize Your Tiny Space

Small Bedroom Ideas – Master bedroom doesn’t have to be huge if you don’t have enough space. It’s fine as long as it comforts you.

Do you need some inspiration of small master bedroom decorating ideas that fit with your style and space? If you do, please scroll down this article to know some!

1. Grey Bedroom with Circular Ornament

small bedroom ideas Grey

It’s true that a master bedroom usually appears in an enormous and luxurious look.

That’s every homeowner wish to live in a dreamland. But what if you don’t have enough space for that?

Well, you have to measure the room precisely enough and maximize its potential.

An example is seen in the picture. This master bedroom is so compact that it holds only what needed by the dweller.

Queen size bedroom, a couple of side tables, a chair, a mirror, some display, and a rug are more than enough to meet the function of a bedroom. Nothing is waster for the matter.

2. Keep It Simple

small bedroom decorating ideas Keep It Simple


Removing stuffs which aren’t necessary can be a good way to make the bed as the centre of attention in the room.

You can put more focus to the bed to be decorated as comfortable as desired now.

Picking only desirable colors is certain thing. Too many colors in a bedroom might get you distracted and it’s surely unwanted.

This bed set comes in a calm look with a brown-white color that feels similar to the entire room.

3. Add Some Artsy Feature

small bedroom ideas decor Add Some Artsy Feature


Adding a decoration to make it look good if you still have some free space will do here.

Just like shown in this picture, for example, a beautiful lamp hung on the white ceiling gives a stunning appeal.

I adore the layout of the window with curtains that well-matched with the chairs, walls and bed.

There’s also a rectangle woven table in front of the bed for placing books or some accessories. Some flowers would make it look even nicer.

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4. Adequate Lighting

small bedroom ideas design Adequate Lighting


Lighting is a crucial element for every corner in a house. Install a huge window to have a bright and lit room.

With some adequate lighting, you’ll get a good view in the room without turning the lights on.

During the night, those two lamps will accompany you while lying or sleeping on the bed.

Paint the walls in any colors that could enhance the look and make the room seems wider.

5. Natural Color

small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget Natural Color


There are no boundaries in deciding what theme of a bedroom should have. People would say that it’s up to you, In fact, it sometimes can be time-consuming issue.

Selecting supporting colors is the matter. To simplify the work, pick a dark or brown color.

Dark tone is long-lasting color that you won’t easily get bored with it. Though look plain, people like to have it for their bedroom, living room and other furniture as well.

For a bonus tip, throw in one light tone or two to eliminate the feel of being intimidated.

6. Distinctive Wall

Distinctive Wall bedroom

Beautify your room by applying an impressive ceramic wall and paint the other sides with some colors that will blend together, dark wall and white blanket, for example.

The accent wall already brings you enough patterns, so have the other elements appear plainly.

If mirrors with dull shapes bore you, diamond-shape ones would be perfect alternatives.

Next, install some shelves on the walls to put some pictures or accessories.

7. Be Different

Be Different

If you want something different for your room, take a look at this one. You’ll find this room out of ordinary.

A shelve for hanging clothes, bags and such is mounted lengthwise on the walls functionally.

The window may seem an ordinary part of any room, but this one really fits for this room, don’t you think? The bed is placed right under it instead of next to or across the windows.

As the final touch, plants complete the whole picture.

8. Vivid Room

Vivid Room


Master bedroom will also look just fine with colorful ornament. It gives you positive vibe and boosts your mood.

It really brings a happy ambience, doesn’t it? This can be a good example of how a bedroom should be – if you’re into vivid color scheme.

Huge windows with shades look so attractive with some adequate lighting in this room.

Not to mention drop ceiling shows a little improvement for a lively bedroom. And posters or artworks on the wall are what finalize the set.

9. Installing Big Fan

Installing Big Fan

Some fresh air is a must for any bedroom to drive away pungent, unpleasant smell and to have a good quality of living.

Bad air circulation is what makes the room feels suffocated. The solution would be installing a big fan on the ceiling.

Please note the air gap under the fan. It should be wide enough as to not touch the top of adult’s head when standing. But then again, such problem wouldn’t appear in rooms with high ceiling.

10. Well-Balanced Furniture

Well-Balanced Furniture


It may require some extra money if you want to have a beautiful ceiling, but it is worth the price. You won’t regret it if you’re happy with the result, anyway.

This bedroom is precisely designed with a couple of windows in similar size, where in front of each a table lamp is placed identically.

We hope our short small master bedroom ideas would inspire you. Start applying what’s suitable for you to get the best outcome.


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