Beautiful Pathway Garden Ideas: Paths to Guide You to a Little Paradise

Pathway ideas – garden is where you can grow a hundred of different and beautiful flowers that make your yard looks like a little paradise. Therefore, you need pathway garden ideas that will allow you to walk in the middle of the garden and enjoy its sheer beauty and charm.

Pathways from where you can see and make sure that your plants grow well. It can also be another good thing in the garden beside the flowers as you can design it with any materials and shapes.


1. Ergonomic Wooden Pathway Ideas

pathway garden ideas Wooden Path

Our first picture offers you a wooden walkway built to smoothly follow the contour of soil with a little winding shape.

It comes with an ergonomic design and suits the garden well. This type of path isn’t hard to make and won’t make a hole in your pocket either.

This pathway is obviously for you who think that other materials such as concretes, stones, or pebbles are too common.


2. Cracked Pathway Ideas

walkway ideas Cracked Path Idea

Some people prefer to have a fence for their gardens in order to protect them from wild animals, kids, or bad people who like to do harm.

But the fence isn’t a necessity, though. If you live in a good neighborhood, a fence may just hide the beauty of the garden itself.

And since you want everybody to enjoy your garden, too, give up the idea of building a fence like exemplified in the picture. Your garden indeed looks much better without it, right?


3. Gorgeous Serpentine

Gorgeous Serpentine Pathway

A straight pathway is recommended if you have a large garden, but want to save some money and time when making one.

However, if your garden is a little bit short and you want to spend more time walking down the path as well as take pleasure observing those flowers, this serpentine style is for you.

Compared to the straight one, you may spend more money on making this snake-like pathway. But it is certainly worth a try, though, when you see how pretty it makes your garden.

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4. Gravel Pathway Ideas

Gravel Pathway Idea

A gravel pathway is considered to be one of the easiest pathways. It’s also affordable and perfect for a casual pathway.

Having mulch and gravel spread, this path will make a nice sound when you walk on it and can prevent weed to grow, too.

You can pick stones or bricks for the edging. How wide the pathway will be up to you to decide. A wider one would allow you to walk side by side with another person.


5. Squares Stepping Stone

Squares Stepping Stone

This path is quite simple with square shapes made out of concrete that almost buried with grasses.

It’s arranged to look slightly like a bridge or piano keys, I guess. Each step has a thin surface which prevents from slippage for your safety.

This can be a good choice for you who don’t like complicated things and want to focus on the benefits rather than style.


6. Floral Pebble Stone

Floral Pebble Stone

Pebble would make a great pathway for your garden. It’s durable and pretty affordable since the building material is inexpensive.

This pathway has lots of stepping stones in square shapes and daisy flower marks as beautiful addition on the surface.

Each of the stepping stones has an adequate space that’s not too far for kids to walk on it. The gap also leaves a unique layout and looks much prettier when the grasses grow.


7. Colorful Wooden Pathway

Colorful Wooden Pathway

A beautiful garden with a rare collection of exotic flowers isn’t the only thing that will attract people or visitors. The pathway can also take a big part in it.

It can also be a way to protect your flower from being stepped on as they are fragile and take time to grow.

With this colorful wooden path, you can entertain people more. Be sure to give it colors that can stand the rough weather.


8. Circular Stepping Stone

Circular Stepping Stone

A shape of a stepping stone can be anything, but circular would be easy to make and install. It’s arranged in the middle of the path, whereas the rest are filled with gravels.

The bricks are chosen as the edging and they look nice with a reddish tone.


9. Mosaic

Mosaic walkway

Earthy tones would be the ideal match for a garden pathway as they really blend in with the surroundings.

This mosaic path idea consists of natural tones. It has a coarse surface to prevent slippage when the rain pours.


10. Old-Fashioned Brick

Old-fashioned Brick Path

This old bricks still look stunning though creates an old-fashioned style. It can be constructed to meet any certain shape preferred for your garden from where you could enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Meanwhile, pebbles can be an alternative to accompany the path. And it should be a breeze activity that you can do with your family on weekends.


Pathway garden ideas shouldn’t be limited with only a few lines because you can create one with any shape desired.



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