Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Outdoor lighting ideas – be honest, selecting the right outdoor lighting ideas for front of house can be a daunting work sometimes. With a lot of possible options, you probably find it hard to decide which lighting idea to choose from.

Don’t worry! I’m here to help you. I’ve done the homework to filter 10 of the best outdoor lighting ideas for your front house. So, check this out!


Outdoor Lighting Ideas Antique Front Door

Antique Front Door Lighting

Lots of homeowners overlook to adequately light their front door. In fact, it can be helpful, especially if you have multiple doors.

Opt for outdoor lights to make your front door a focal point. As shown in the picture, the antique light has added a warm, inviting mood in the front door.

With chandeliers design, this antique hanging light is more than enough to steal your guest’s attention.


Modern Outdoor Wall Sconces

Modern Outdoor lighting Wall Sconces

This is another great way to add outdoor lights at your front door. It will be perfect, especially if you have a wide front door area.

Instead of individual outdoor light, a pair of wall sconces flanking both sides of the door will make a beautiful complement to your space.

More interestingly, there are a lot of wall sconce styles available. So, you can easily find one that matches your need.


Front Walkway

Front Walkway Lighting

If you have a pathway or walkway from the street to your front door, it will be a good idea to illuminate it with outdoor lights.

Luckily, you have lots of choices on how to illuminate your walkway. Here are some of them:

  • For a stylish look, opt for low light posts like shown above.
  • For a more dramatic look, go with low-to-the-ground lights.

This one of outdoor lighting ideas for front of house will be able to suit various styles of the home exterior.


Impressive Architectural Lighting

Impressive Architectural Lighting

If you want to showcase the beauty of your exterior, opting for architectural lighting will be a good idea.

With stucco walls, this home looks even more beautiful in the evening thanks to the use of architectural lighting.

Not only add style to your exterior design, but architectural lighting can also enhance the safety of your home too. Plus, it can differentiate your home with others.


Contemporary Garage Lighting

Contemporary Garage Lighting

Have you ever tried going to your garage in the evening from your front door without any light? If so, you’ll know how it feels.

Help yourself and your visitors with some light. You actually have lots of cool garage light fixtures to choose from.

The picture above shows one of the cool examples. Thanks to the luminescent garage door, the front home is illuminated well.


Rich of Lights Front House

Rich of Lights Front House

This idea combines a few different lighting fixtures to create an impressive look in front of your house. But the string light is actually my favorite!

In addition to the one installed around the gutter, the string lights are also applied around the tree to showcase a cool appearance.

Moreover, there is also a pair of wall sconces and a light post in front of the house, providing enough illumination throughout the outdoor area.


Outdoor Lighting Ideas Planters with LED

Outdoor Planters with LED Lights

Do you want to make your outdoor planters become the wow point both day and night? This LED planter will make your best outdoor lighting ideas for front of house.

It can double as simply a planter during the day and an accent light during the night. Interestingly, it also comes in a variety of colors too!

Consider adding one or two LED planters along your pathway or simply put it around your front door to welcome your guests.


Welcoming Front Garden Lighting

Welcoming Front Garden Lighting

You can also create a welcoming nighttime ambiance by showing off your front yard garden with outdoor lights.

Besides, it can be a great idea in case you want to add outdoor furniture around your garden. Thus, you can enjoy the starry night comfortably.

This front garden lighting can be a good inspiration for you. It features ample light to illuminate your front house.


Elegant Front Porch Lanterns

Elegant Front Porch Lanterns

Sometimes you need a classic look to create an incredible outdoor setting. These front porch lanterns make a good example here.

This kind of lighting fixtures can be placed on the front of your porch, at the side of your outdoor chair, or even hung up above your front door.

For additional light, you can also add wall sconces or other types of lighting fixtures that go well with your exterior style.


Outdoor Lighting Ideas Under Steps

Under Steps Lighting

Instead of light posts, you may love to use this kind of under steps lighting to walk guests to your front door.

This idea is simple but impactful since it can perfectly illuminate the walkway and add a decorative touch to your outdoor area.

There are also other placement options for outdoor step lighting such as:

  • On the vertical portion of the steps,
  • On the side of the steps to light up the surface of each step.


That’s all the 10 best outdoor lighting ideas for front of house. All the ideas above can create a wow factor in your space. So, hope you find your favorite and good luck!

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