Inspiration Modern House Design Plant Ideas and Pictures

Modern house design – house size to the architectural style, there are always some points that make a modern house different from the rest. And most of the best ones must have that “wow” factor which makes them special.

There 10 modern house designs are a great example for a home which owns that wow factor. So, let’s take a look!


Front Façade Design with Modern Charm

It’s safe to say that front facade is one of the most essential parts in every house design.  The design will leave the first impression to others.

When it comes to front façade, it is important to make sure the design blends well with the surrounding because it is facing the public area.

This front façade design makes a great sample of sophistication and overall elegance of a modern house.


Modern House design with Green Roof

Nowadays, the green roof has been a popular choice to create sustainable housing for some good reasons.

In general, green roof is not only useful for the environment and overall sustainability but also adds value to your house visual appearance.

The modern house above can be a good example of applying an outstanding green roof in your home design.


Modern Mansion House Design

If you take a look at the wider area of California, especially around Los Angeles, chances are you’ll see many breathtaking modern mansions.

While big houses are probably not everyone’s cup of tea, they are still interesting and striking to get you inspired.

Just like this modern mansion house in Santa Barbara, it looks luxurious and very inviting to explore.

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Small Modern Home Design

Even though the big luxurious house seems to be perfect, some people prefer a small house instead. And a small modern house can really look more beautiful and charming as well.

Here are some effective design strategies that you can take into account when designing a small modern home:

The small modern home above can be a great example. Despite the small space, it looks big in design and style.


Modern Desert House Design

You might think that living in desert sounds really uncomfortable. And you cannot help to wonder why someone wants to live there.

This striking home design shows that it’s not impossible to be surrounded with nothing but sand and rocks and still get pleasure from a comfortable living space.

As you can see, this modern house  features many innovative solutions and ideas for living comfortably in a desert-like environment.



If you want your home to feel like a cozy villa, a modern villa house design will be a nice choice for you.

This house design can make a beautiful example for you. It features a comfortable terrace, swimming pool, and also an indoor-outdoor connection.

Besides, you can also enjoy the outdoor surrounding right from your living room and bedroom since the house is styled with glass wall design.



When it comes to building a house, the choice of materials is one of the most important points to take into account.

Among many modern exterior building materials, stucco can be a great choice to create a unique, contemporary look.

Combine with glass walls on some parts of the design, this modern stucco house appears stunning and inviting at the same time.


Asian Style

Consistency is one of the factors that make your modern house seems perfect. This Asian style house shows it all to you.

Coming with earthy color scheme, you won’t see any bold contrast in this home design. Everything is consistent.

The good news is that the consistency doesn’t make this house design plain and boring. It feels so much welcoming instead.


With Roof Deck

A flat roof has become a popular house design nowadays. If you’re planning to build your home with this design, consider using it as a roof deck.

It’s no doubt that roof deck makes it possible for you to use every inch of space your space. Interestingly, it provides you some good views as well.

This idea will be perfect if you build a house in an urban area where you don’t have much space to create a cozy outdoor space.


Mid Century House

Connecting indoor and outdoor space is one of the best approaches to create a beautiful modern home design.

This mid-century home design makes a great example of connecting an indoor space and outdoor space.

You can create a relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces in some of these ways:


That’s all some of the best ideas to design modern home. You can use one of these ideas or combine some of them to create your own special design.  Hope you enjoy these modern house design ideas and good luck!


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