10 Modern Headboard Ideas That You’ll Love

Headboard ideas – Perfect modern headboard ideas can create an impressive focal point in your bedroom. They will boost your bedroom decorating with outstanding color, texture, and style.

This collection of 10 headboard ideas will help you find your best match. Check these ideas and transform your boring bedroom into something more stylish!


Headboard Ideas Unique Fabric Mosaic

Unique Fabric Mosaid Headboard

Do you want to go with something exceptional? You’ll love this headboard idea for sure. With matching earthy tone color, this headboard has made the room even more inviting.

More interestingly, you can simply create this headboard by yourself. Here are some simple steps to do so:

  • Buy thick foam and have the shop to cut it for you.
  • Wrap each panel using fabric of your choice and mount them on the wall.

For a more unique look, consider using different sized shapes and varying the fabric colors.


Simple Mirror Headboard

Simple Mirror Headboard

Searching for a simple yet impactful way to introduce a new headboard in your bedroom? Bringing in a big framed mirror can be a good idea.

You don’t need to spend much of your time creating a difficult headboard. With a mirror and frame, you’ll be able to add something new in your bedroom.

Besides, a big mirror in your bedroom can reflect natural light in your space, making it feels airier than before.


Modern Headboard Ideas with Rustic Charm

Modern Headboard with Rustic Charm

Who says you cannot introduce a rustic appeal in your modern bedroom? This pallet wood headboard makes a great complement to this modern white bedroom.

To create a balance, you can paint the pallet in white and grey instead of leaving them all in natural wood color.

You can also create this headboard yourself. With affordable materials and little creativity, you’ll be able to transform your bedroom style.

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Floating Furniture

Floating Furniture Headboard

This is one of the best modern headboard ideas for those who want to obtain versatility and beauty at the same time.

Besides working as a headboard, this floating furniture also features two side tables which can be used to place your bedside lamps.

Moreover, you can also add some pictures above the headboard for interest.


Unique Area Rug

Unique Area Rug

You can also add a beautiful pattern to your room by hanging an area rug on the wall as a headboard substitute.

This idea is pretty simple. Here are some of the ways to get this look:

  • For a cheaper option, use your old rug which is wide enough to match your bed size.
  • For a lightweight option, opt for an Indian dhurrie-style rug like shown above.

If you love this idea, make sure to find a rug that matches your current bedroom design and style.


Headboard Ideas Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights

Looking for a way to bring in beautiful string lights in your bedroom? Instead of the usual approaches, use the string lights to substitute your headboard.

You can simply arrange the string lights as you please to create a unique headboard like this. It is truly simple so you can do it yourself.

If you don’t want to add a bedside lamp in your bedroom, this idea will be perfect as well. The twinkle lights can alternate the use of bedside lamps.


Three Dimensional Artsy

Three Dimensional Arsty

This three-dimensional headboard resembles a map and makes a great addition to the overall style in this bedroom.

The combination of colors used in this artwork goes well with the other elements in the space, creating a balanced scheme.

The pillows also reflect the colors used in the artwork, making the room look calm and so much inviting.


Boat Paddle

Boat Paddle Headboard

If you opt for DIY modern headboard ideas, this one can be a great example for you. Using used boat paddles, you can easily transform your bedroom to the next level.

This is very easy to create. You just need to get some boat paddles on sale and arrange it to make a beautiful headboard.

You can also consider painting the boat paddles in your favorite color before putting them together to make a headboard.


Wall Sticker

Wall Sticker

Nowadays, you can easily find wall stickers that look like traditional headboard on the market. Interestingly, it comes in various styles.

Wall sticker is actually an inexpensive way to create a perfect bedroom illusion. Besides, you can easily attach it to the wall.

Once you feel bored with the design, you can easily change it to the other ones as well. So, your bedroom will never be boring.


Cozy Upholstered

Cozy Uphostered

If you love to sit up in bed and read your favorite books, this type of headboard will make an ideal choice.

The soft natural fabric will add color and pattern to your bedroom while providing warm and cozy support as well.

If you want to try this idea, just make sure to find the right fabric that can complement the existing element in your bedroom.


That’s all the 10 best modern headboard ideas that you can get inspired from. Finally, hope you love the ideas and can use one of them in your bedroom. Happy decorating!

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