10 Inspiration Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Ultimate Comfort

Minimalist bedroom design Ideas – has never failed to provide the elegant look. No wonder many homeowners want to feel the luxurious ambience when sleeping.

To get the look is not that hard. Find the best minimalist bedroom ideas here.

1.   Minimalist Bedroom Stick to Two or Three Color Palette

Minimalist Bedroom Stick to Two or Three Color Palette

The first thing you can do to get the minimalist look is by limiting the color palette to only one or two.

You can try neutral colors such as white, black, and grey to decorate your bedroom. A few beiges will also be okay.

This bedroom looks great although it only comprises black and white hues. To avoid the monotonous look, try adding patterns and textures just like this Bohemian blanket and grey rug.

2.   Small Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas

Do not let limited space hinder you from getting a minimalist bedroom that you have been longing for.

Shove your bed against one of the corners so you still have enough space to move through.

Two pendant lights suspended from the shelf add the touch of industrial look to the bedroom.

To amp your bedroom up, hang several photos on the wall. Two or three photos would be nice.

3.   Blend with Nature

minimalist bedroom on a budget Blend with Nature


A comfortable bedroom is not just about arranging the furniture to your liking, but it is also about providing sufficient light for the ‘it’. Therefore, installing windows that allow natural light to come into the bedroom is important.

This bedroom does not have any windows. Even better, it features floor-to-ceiling glass wall that enables you to get more natural light. It also gives you a live landscape that beats any paintings.

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4.   Incorporate Additional Storage Space

bedroom Incorporate Additional Storage Space

A minimalist bedroom has to be clutter free. Every nook and cranny has to be clean and tidy.

Therefore, it has to have sufficient storage space where you can organize your stuff and keep the clutter at bay.

Adding some storage space is a great idea. Try finding a bed frame that features hidden drawers or a headboard that has hidden shelf. If you cannot find one, you can always DIY it.

5.   Add Some Living Charm

small bedroom Add Some Living Charm

There are many things that you can do to adorn your bedroom. One of the most convenient ways is by hanging a photograph or painting.

Instead of embellishing your bedroom with an inanimate object, try having living things perk it up.

The homeowner opts for decorating his bedroom with climbing plants such as creeping fig, philodendron, and jasmine. Even a climbing plant dangles over the bed, creating a unique centerpiece.

6.   Consider Incorporating Artwork

minimalist modern bedroom Consider Incorporating Artwork

Keeping things simple is the first thing you need to consider when decorating a minimalist bedroom.

Avoid adorning it with sophisticated things such as baseboards and moldings. But it does not mean you need to get rid of any artwork.

Being minimalist means to be elegant in a simple way. And artwork can complement the elegance of a minimalist bedroom.

However, try not to go overboard. Hanging a huge picture or a photo mosaic above the bed can be a nice focal point.

7.   Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

minimalist bedroom inspiration Mid-Century Modern Bedroom


Many homeowners are dying for the minimalist and luxurious look of mid-century modern bedroom.

It seems this style has been resurging worldwide. The key point of bringing this style to your bedroom is by focusing on the functions.

This bedroom looks eminently simple yet functional. The tapered legs, one of the most conspicuous characters of this style, can be found in the nightstands and bed frame. A pendant lamp hanging over the bed is simple yet artistic.

8.   Keep Things Balance

Keep Things Balance


Think about how you want to arrange it. It would be better if you keep things balance. It does not have to be symmetrical, though. Just make sure you will not get eyesore when screening it.

This brown bedroom lies perfectly in the middle. Two sconces anchor it in place, creating a perfect balance.

The same thing happens to the photographs hanging above the bed. They are anchored with vases and books on both sides.

9.   A Large Mirror to Trick the Eyes

bedroom ideas A Large Mirror to Trick the Eyes

If your bedroom happens to be small, try hanging a huge mirror on the wall.

Or, you can try a simpler way by leaning the mirror against the wall and add a hook for a peaceful mind.

Placing the mirror at the right spot can give a big impact to your small bedroom. Try placing it in front of the window so it can reflect the natural light and make your bed look brighter and airier.

10.   Minimalist bedroom IdeasLess is More

Minimalist bedroom Ideas Less is More

“Less is more”

This is what a minimalist bedroom is all about. By keeping things as simple as possible without compromising the essential, you will get the most of it.

Instead of cubes or a big and bulky shelve that may take up a lot of space, this bedroom only has some low-level shelves that are used to host books.

It does not have many accessories either. The only one adornment that you can see here is the immense painting of twigs.

Creating a minimalist bedroom design does not mean that you ditch all the furniture.

You can still have the furniture that is essential on a regular basis. Be mindful of the arrangement so it still looks simple rather than messy.


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