10 Best Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas – How would you set your living room in the house? It’s a room in which you want to entertain your guests or friends.

Therefore, you need to design it to make your guests or anybody who comes in feel relaxed. How about mid century modern living room style?

You can start to make some list about what should be done to decorate your living room to be comfortable and not too formal, I presume.

It depends on how you want your living room to be. That style could be an alternative you’ve been searching for.

1. Simplicity

mid century modern living room Simplicity


Every room in a house holds its own crucial part for the homeowner. It’s a difficult question to answer if you ask what the most important room in your house is. What you should concern is how to function it as it’s supposed to be.

Many people love simplicity. Yes, it gives more than you could ever want.

It also offers a warm feeling when surrounded by people you love while having a nice chat in the living room.

2. Stunning Living Room

Stunning mid century modern living room ideas


If you happen to have a spacious room, add some plants in the living room.

It’s nice to have a big space. It’ll be perfect if you can arrange it with a good layout that your guests will feel reluctant going back to their own home since they feel so comfy in yours.

You’ll get some nice compliment and they may even ask you for some advice on how to decorate their room just as perfect.

The key is to balance one with other things in the living room and set it passionately.

3. Cheerful Tone

mid century modern living room design Cheerful Tone


Living room could be functioned to hold tons of people if you have lots of friends, guests and relatives who often pay their visits.

Add some more chairs so that you can have a gathering or a small party with them, still in a casual way that people won’t feel to act too formal.

Create a happy and lively vibe to keep the guests feel at home. Applying bold colors is a nice move to keep everybody in a good mood.

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4. Natural Accents

mid century modern small living room Natural Accents


Some prefer to have a rather clean place with less stuff for their living room and mid century modern style has the charm to achieve that.

Its specialty is in attracting people with clean lines and soft curves.

By limiting stuff, cleaning work would be so much easy. The room would feel more spacious and clutter-free, also.

They’re just right when stating that less is more, and nobody could say otherwise.

5. Feminine Touch

mid century modern living room pictures Feminine Touch


Now, how about a feminine touch? You can add some pinkish color to make the room more girly.

It looks sweet and feminine, doesn’t it? It’s perfect for you who love your feminine side and to entertain your female friends.

It’s not a secret that adding pink tone can bring the woman side of something or person. Absolutely try this idea if you want to show your girly side to your guests.

6. Mixed Style

living room design Mixed Style


You can mix mid century modern style with a little touch of Scandinavian. It’s not a problem to blend one style with another. If it suits you just fine, then go for it.

I simply love the three-legged chairs here. They’re set above the rug in similar tone with the three-seat couch.

Indeed, the main idea is to play with neutral schemes, like grey, white and wooden brown.

7. Natural Vibe

Natural Vibe


White color is loved by many people. It makes a room looks clean and homely. It also fits for a natural background of any rooms in your house.

These days, many decorations are often presented in rough forms. This table, for example, isn’t shaped in a perfect square.

It’s served just as it is. It adds natural accent and gives some more space for you.

A square-motif rug enhances the genuine appeal and blends well with the sofa. Some big plant put in the living room give a sense of natural beauty.

8. Perfect Combinations

Perfect Combinations


Basically, people love unique things because stuffs like that couldn’t be seen every day.

The table in this living room surely shows its unique look. It’s made to fit with how big the space in your room is.

When looking up at the ceiling, you’ll feel even more amazed with the layout.

It’s naturally inviting with just those two combinations of white ceiling with woods. You can soon adopt this idea to your living room.

9. Applying Bright Color

Applying Bright Color


If you’re in love with bright colors, you can have this idea a go in your living room. Almost all furniture in this room shares similar feel.

Pastel pink walls, baby blue couch, moss green chairs, light brown bench, warm grey rug, and natural wooden floor harmoniously supporting each other. It’s a perfect scheme, indeed!

And with some huge windows, you’ll have a naturally lighted room with an airy feel.

10. Aesthetically Pleasing Room

living room decor Aesthetically Pleasing Room


A picture speaks a thousand words. That sounds just right when looking at this living room.

What do you think about this picture? It’s a very relaxing and inviting place at the same time – such a wonderful spot.

You can feel the friendly dense atmosphere here. It’s a great place for having a good talk with guests or friends.

The mirror is framed with a stunning form. The chair and lovely plant are a perfect combination for a good living room.

Mid Century Modern Living Room was influenced by the Bauhaus style from Germany. Its unique style still inspires many homeowners to adore it until today.

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