10 Stunning Mid Century Modern Bedroom for Your Ultimate Style

Mid Century Modern Bedroom has its own characteristic and charm that’s still quite liked until today. That’s one of many reasons why people choose it to be applied in their house.

We’ll share you some ideas that can be useful for your bedroom in this article.

1.  Mid Century Modern Bedroom A Nice Black and White Color Choice

Mid Century Modern Bedroom A Nice Black and White Color Choice

A simple yet stylish color choice to match your style for your comfortable bedroom is here.

This is a minimalist style that gives you the feel of living with less stuff, thus the room seems spacious.

The combination of black and white elements from the walls, blankets and curtain in this room leave a warm ambience.

The twin lamps along with two artsy posters hanging on the wall beautify the whole room.

2. Airy Bedroom

Airy Bedroom ideas


A bedroom isn’t just a hiding place for you to lie down after a long day, struggle with stuff at the workplace.

That’s why you need to pamper yourself with a quite comfortable room. It would take your stress away as soon as you snuggle under the bedclothes.

A room with good air circulation will boost your mood. It gives you fresh air to invigorate your mood again.

You can just walk from your bedroom and see a nice view outside that’ll bring your 100-percent self again.

3. Mid Century Modern Bedroom ideas See-Through Wall

Mid Century Modern Bedroom ideas See-Through Wall


This bedroom has a unique design and comes with lots of wood elements in it which add some elegant touch.

You’d certainly love this room. Wood touch in this room makes it look stunning and relaxing somehow.

By installing a glass wall, you can see what happens outside and vice versa. It’s a good idea if you like the open space.

Please notice that people or neighbors can see your room from a distance. If that doesn’t bother you then, let’s go for it.

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4. Elegant Room

Elegant bedroom design


Wooden ceiling with a fireplace is a perfect combination for a warm bedroom to create an intimate vibe. It looks so elegant, comfortable and stylish at once.

At the two corners, there’s a chair each that you can sit on to read books and to dress yourself up.

The wooden flooring style upon where the maroon rug lies under the bed also creates a natural harmony.

The bed is covered with a dark brown blanket along with a grey headboard. This is a fantastic room any homeowner could ever have.

5. A Room with Tranquil Look

bedroom A Room with Tranquil Look


To get a calm look in your room, you can apply a soft color. This room features not so bright colors but still feels glamour in every angle, don’t you think?

A big window is a crucial point in a bedroom to make natural lights shine through and to give a spacious look.

6. Pamper Yourself with Books in the Room

Pamper Yourself with Books in the Room


You can tell from the picture that the owner of this beautiful room is a book lover and he/she must be quite a knowledgeable person.

It’s a brilliant idea to have your room installed with a small library if you’re into books.

One thing you should pay attention to is the room cleanliness. Also, make sure that you really need those books.

If you’re allergic to dust, consider leaving the room without such stuff since it can be a place where dust gathers.

7. A Unique Bedroom with Fireplace and Stunning Wall

A Unique bedoom with Fireplace and Stunning Wall


The idea of having a room with fireplace is obviously to make your room feel warmer, but first of all, it’s a bit of personal choice. It indeed beautifies the look of the room itself, to be honest.

The wall on where the fireplace sits also gives some more value. The reddish ceramic flooring makes a room brighter and looks sweet.

Also, a grey rug under the bed and a couple of chairs make you enjoy the warm flames of the fireplace while conversing or drinking some coffee.

8. An Excellent Combination with Wood Furniture

An Excellent Combination with Wood Furniture


Wood elements are mostly good component to enhance the beautiful part of something if properly designed. This room presents a good example of how woods are well applied to a bedroom.

Seen in the picture is the wood materials used as the flooring and to build the furnishing set from the divan to the side table.

Above the floor, lied a large fury rug with similar tone as the bed sheet which harmoniously completes the whole scheme.

9. A Platform Bedroom with Huge Mirror

A Platform Bedroom with Huge Mirror


A beautiful ceiling in this room is hard to be unnoticed as it shows a unique pattern, shape and color that blend well with the walls.

The mirror adjacent to the bed improves the look and makes it look brighter. The platform bed is also a distinctive feature here. It’s a wooden divan that well matched with the chairs and the cabinet.

Some plants are also added in order to make the room look nicer.

10. Stunning Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Stunning Mid Century Modern Bedroom


What an attractive room! The bed looks as if it levitates. It’s designed with the right calculation to be perfectly placed on the right corner.

It looks so simple with clean lines and white color resulted in an ideal room to sleep in.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom shares a classic style with clean lines and subtle appearance. If you’re into calm looks, this style may be perfect for you.

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