10 Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas to Make Your House Chore Easier

Laundry room cabinet – no doubt that doing laundry can be a daunting task, related to the possible piled-up clothes here and there. That is why creating a laundry room cabinet will be a great idea to do. If you have no idea to start, these ten laundry room cabinets will help you.


Glamorous Laundry Cabinet

These camel-colored wooden cabinets make a great balance to this family laundry room. It comes with a traditional style, which is functional and attractive at the same time.

The room features under-counter washer-dryer cabinet alongside the beautiful Crema Bordeaux granite.

You can also see a pair of storage solutions under the cabinet, providing enough space to store your clothes before the laundry time.


Modern Oak

With plenty of storage solution, this modern laundry room makes a good example for you who need a decent place to do your daily chores.

This open room features oak laundry cabinets and an old fashioned washing machine, standing perfectly on the concrete flooring.

You can keep the countertop free from decorative pieces and use the top as additional space for storing your clothes.


Laundry Room Cabinets under White Ceiling

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when seeing this laundry room? Well, it looks bright and clean, doesn’t it? This room shows properly that an all-white interior isn’t always boring.

Along with the black and white flooring, this all-white laundry room cabinet looks more interesting. It makes a good sample for you who want to decorate a small laundry room.

Rather than the original cabinet, this room features organizers on it. There are some small baskets and other organizers which keep everything tidy.

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with Plenty Storage

By combining the enclosed and open shelving system, this laundry cabinet offers spacious storage to keep your items organized.

With a mix of cabinet and storage options, you have many choices of how to organize your items. The baskets and racks also make this room looks so neat.

Fulfilled with white colors, this laundry cabinet doesn’t look boring thanks to the colorful accents thrown throughout the room.


with Mixed Storage Options

This is another great example if you want to mix a regular cabinet with other storage options. Different from the previous idea, this one makes a perfect inspiration for small-space dwellers.

The wire baskets help you organize your towels. Meanwhile, the open shelves provide an ideal area to keep your bottle within reach when needed.

Then, you shouldn’t forget about the rail above the washing machine that gives you more options than only folding your clothes.

Calming Laundry Room Design

Who doesn’t want to do his/her chores in this calming laundry room? Combining natural earthy color tones and blue shades, this room looks so much charming.

The washer and dryer are placed side by side between the pull-out laundry organizers. It also features plenty of clothes rails and hooks to hang your suits and uniform.

Interestingly, this laundry room cabinet idea also works well in a small space. So, you can easily use a small corner in your home to have one.

Floor to Ceiling

This is another great idea for you who only have a narrow space to create a laundry room. With this floor to ceiling laundry cabinet, you still have enough storage solution despite the narrow room.

The washer and dryer are put top and bottom to save more space. The color selection is limited to bright colors to keep the space airier.

The pastel blue cabinet, on the other side, adds an interesting touch and provides more space to save your items.


Simple Laundry Room Cabinets

The main idea of utilizing a cabinet in your laundry room is to keep everything well organized and clean.

This simple laundry cabinet is good enough to keep your detergent or solutions well stored without making it hard to reach when you need them.

You can also bring a basket as an additional organizer to sort your laundry.



These white laundry room cabinets contrast brilliantly against a rich dark wall color. The washer and dryer are also in dark color to create a balance.

It’s no doubt that this room delivers that cozy, welcoming feeling which makes this space more relaxing with its contrasting color scheme.

By combining regular cabinets, pull-out racks, and a clothes rail, you’ll have a versatile laundry room.


Rich in Wood

If you love the idea of rustic or country design style, opt for a rich wooden finish like this one. You can also bring greenery to your design for more natural charm.

If you don’t want to have full-room storage cabinets as you see here, consider going with the floating cabinets only.

To make doing laundry a fun thing to do, add a small TV where you can watch your favorite shows while finishing the chore.


That’s all the top 10 laundry room cabinet ideas that you can take into account. Hope you enjoy the ideas and can get started soon. Good luck!

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