21 Kitchen Flooring Ideas to Match Any House Designs

Looking for kitchen flooring ideas to spruce up your house? These 21 alternatives allow you to choose the best material that matches your interior.

1. Natural Stone

kitchen flooring ideas

The natural stone floor is elegant, unique, and able to handle wear and tear. It can show discoloration after a while, but the unique design can cover its flaws.


2. White Marble

White Marble Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The white marble floor is ideal for a luxurious kitchen look. It can be matched with almost any kitchen designs.

3. Pallet Floor

Pallet kitchen Floor

Pallet floor is porous and easy to develop mold, but it provides a rustic charm. It is also cheap, with sustainability bonus.

4. Bamboo

kitchen flooring ideas

Bamboo is a sustainable material with beautiful coloring. It is slightly harder and cheaper than hardwood, although cracks and water damage are still the concerns.

5. Granite Tiles

Granite is elegant and durable, ideal for kitchen floor and backsplash. The surface is cold, perfect as a countertop for making pastries.

6. Vintage Tiles

Vintage tiles offer a classic look to inject warmth in a modern kitchen. They can come in solid colors or patterned surfaces.

7. Cork

kitchen flooring

Cork provides a nice cushioning for feet, with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. It is susceptible to scratches and water damages, but it is cheap and easy to replace.

8. White Laminate

White Laminate kitchen flooring ideas

The glossy white laminate is cheaper than marble tiles. It can handle scratches and moisture, perfect for the kitchen.

9. Gray Laminate

Gray laminated floor provides a more elegant look that mimics natural stone. The material is easy to clean, maintain, or replace.

10. Rubber Kitchen Flooring Ideas

rubber floor

Rubber flooring has nonslip quality, perfect for a busy kitchen. It is also cheap, easy to maintain and work well as a heat insulator.

11. Bright Vinyl

Bright Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Bright vinyl comes in various colors and patterns. The material is moisture-resistant, ideal for a kitchen, although the cheap products may get dented or punctured.

12. Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Wood is prone to water damage, but you can choose hardwood to reduce the risk. Hardwood also has an elegant look.

13. Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are refreshing twists of regular square ones. They are available in various sizes and colors to match with any kitchen designs.

14. Checked Tiles

Checked tiles offer both vintage and modern charms for various kitchen designs. They are available in various materials.

15. Concrete Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Concrete Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Concrete floor is cheap and durable, with industrial charm for a modern kitchen. However, its hardness will break cups or plates when you drop them.

16. Grey Wood (with White Cabinets)

Grey Wood (with White Cabinets) kitchen floor

Grey wooden floor is a great pair for white kitchen cabinets. It presents a moody atmosphere in otherwise minimalist kitchen design.

17. Rustic Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Rustic kitchen Floor

The rustic floor looks great for modern, vintage, or industrial kitchens. You can use reclaimed wood to create a unique and sustainable look.

18. Black Sand-Patterned Tiles

Black Sand-Patterned Tiles

Black sand-patterned tiles are subtle but elegant. They create a moody atmosphere to improve even the simplest kitchen.

19. Buffalo Checks

Buffalo Checks kitchen floor

Buffalo checks bring the rustic spirit of the American frontier. The black, grey, and white variants make the floor more elegant.

20. Black and White Painted Floor

Black and White Painted Floor

Black and white painted floor adds a contemporary twist in a kitchen. You have freedom in choosing your favorite patterns.

21. Hexagonal Terrazzo Floor

Hexagonal Terrazzo Floor

The hexagonal terrazzo floor is unique without being excessive. You can apply the floor in various materials, from vinyl to ceramic tiles.

Never feel out of ideas when planning a kitchen design. These kitchen flooring ideas allow you to create a dream kitchen in any style you like.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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