10 Beautiful Small Kitchen Design and Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas – A beautiful and functional kitchen is what every homeowner wants to see in their houses.

It needs to be efficient that it can help them to work in the kitchen preparing meals for their family. Kitchen design ideas require a good plan.

You’re going to work in the kitchen every day, so be sure that it’ll help you to provide meals for the family.

Yes, a kitchen should be functional. You need more than just an island with beautiful lights hanging over the island.

1. U-Shaped Kitchen for Small Space

kitchen design ideas U-Shaped Kitchen for Small Space


A U-shaped kitchen has lots of benefits for a homeowner – typically applied in a spacious space. But, even if you have a small space, you still can deal with that.

It’s perfect to put an island in the middle of the kitchen for storage and food preparation. And if you think that some more storage is needed, make use of the wall for that. Put some shelves to place some kitchen utensils.

You can opt for any lights design that’ll suit the kitchen, or try these beautiful pendant lights like in this picture.

2. Clever Hanging Pots

kitchen design ideas small Clever Hanging Pots

If you want your kitchen to be able to hold lots of guests, we’d suggest you to expand the countertop or add a dining table to provide some more space. Now you can have an eat-in kitchen in your house.

A very clever way to have extra storage in the kitchen would be to have a hanging space above the island.

Not only does it save some more space for you, but also makes your kitchen looks attractive too.

3. Stunning in Black and White

kitchen design ideas for small space Stunning in Black
An elegant kitchen with bold black and white scheme would be everybody’s favorite.

If you look at the ceiling, a gigantic circular light that gives a spectacular look is seen there. Moreover, the hexagonal tiles really stand out in the kitchen.

The island has two sinks and countertop for food preparation. There’s also a dining table next to the island where you can sit while waiting for the meals to be ready. It’s obviously not just an ordinary kitchen you find in any house.


4. Grey Scheme

kitchen design ideas modern Grey Scheme

This grey kitchen looks so stunning with beautiful white pendant lights and a sink on the island. The cabinets will save you with big storage.

This kitchen features terracotta walls with the same grey color. The island has some deep overhangs that allow you to tuck in chairs to save space.

An extra countertop next to the wall can be an alternative for you when needing an extra workspace for preparing meals or working with your partner chefs.

5. Free More Space

kitchen cabinet design ideas Free More Space


It requires deep thought to have a good design that’ll make your kitchen looks inviting but also practical at once. You may have to spend some more money on that, too.

This kitchen has so much space to make you move freely. It means you can conduct your daily activity in the kitchen without worrying to bump into any of family member.

Adding some chairs in front of the island will be a good way to avoid people bothering your work – you know it won’t work smoothly if there are kids, though.

6. No Cabinets Kitchen

No Cabinets Kitchen


This kitchen is like no other. The owner shows his creative way of arranging a small kitchen to the next level.

What you don’t see here is cabinets. Yes, this kitchen has no cabinets, but still, we love the idea.

You can use the wall as a spot to hang kitchen utensils. You’re not going to have a problem when you try to find any kitchen utensils when they are put in a clear spot. It can be a good decoration for your kitchen, too.

7. Colorful Kitchen

Colorful Kitchen design

The vibe in this kitchen really brings a good feeling, doesn’t it? It’s because of its vivid color that this kitchen offers to us: a white table along with chairs that have authentic shapes.

Under the table, you can see a nice floral rug lied on the wooden flooring. The curtains with their bright color also add a happy ambience in the kitchen. Not to mention the wonderful lights above the table.

8. Majestic Lights

Majestic Lights kitchen


We love seeing those big lights hanging above the island and those stools hiding underneath.

A kitchen that has lots of windows means it has natural lighting. The kitchen looks so clean with a white-surfaced island.

9. Bar-like Kitchen

Bar-like Kitchen


This bar-inspired idea gives a good example of how to decorate a small kitchen. The L-shaped island has a unique design with overhangs under where you can tuck the chairs in.

By hanging glasses above the island, you make your job easy when serving drinks to guests.

10. Chairs-Free Kitchen

Chairs-Free Kitchen

You can have a kitchen without installing stools or chairs when you think they aren’t needed.

There’s just an L-shaped island here, which means you have plenty of space to move around the kitchen.

Kitchen design ideas are necessary when you’re going to build a nice kitchen. They can help you to get a good judgment which style is the most suitable.

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