10 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas You Know Needed

Kitchen Decor Ideas – Farmhouse style shares a warm and appealing idea. A kitchen is one of many places in your house that’s productive since everybody would love to eat there.

Farmhouse kitchen decorating  ideas can be considered a long-lasting trend.Its existence will always give warm color to your house.

When it comes to talk about farmhouse style, we certainly expect a nice wooden element which is the special feature of its characteristic.

1. Applying Neutral Color on Your Walls

kitchen decorating ideas for walls


Getting farmhouse style in your house can be achieved by applying this color scheme. Such color will blend well with white ceilings.

Stainless steel would always give a luxury touch in every part of an element. It still makes a good pair when matched with other styles such as modern and minimalist.

It’s proven when you see the actual area here in this picture. Be creative and you can have decorative shelves in the kitchen.

2. Add Whitewashed Mirrors

kitchen decor ideas Add Whitewashed Mirrors


Add mirrors as a lovely addition to your kitchen decor ideas. Any sizes would be fine.

But if you ask my own opinion, I would suggest bigger ones because they’d look stunning in sort of sizes.

If you think hanging a wreath could make them look nicer, then go for it.

3. Make Use of Market Crates


Another great idea is to use a crate for storage. Well, this is certainly a genuine idea that can be used as an alternative drawer for storing fruit or onions.

The crate shape makes it easy to be stacked up and put within your kitchen space.

It’s a cheap and effective way of using crates since they give you a big amount of help when dealing with storage.

You just have to show your workmanship with a little bit of creativity to get it right.


4. Open Racks

kitchen decor ideas on a budget Open Racks

When you take a look at an open rack, you can easily find what you’re looking for in an instant. That’s the benefit of having ones.

Open racks can also be some means to give your kitchen a nice decoration look.

Install them with white and blue curtains to increase the farmhouse atmosphere.

Soft colors such as white and blue do blend well with farmhouse theme. And adding pendant light would be perfect.

5. A Bouquet of Grain Represents Grateful

kitchen decorating ideas A Bouquet of Grain Represents Grateful

Who would have thought that by adding a bouquet of grain would make a farmhouse decor this beautiful?

It’s a clever way of thinking to add in your kitchen. The kitchen looks so much better with that.

You can try this idea of having a bouquet of grain, but you can change it with flowers if you think it’s the best for you.

White cabinets with black countertop seem to have no problems at all. And woven carpet completes as final touch.

6. Barnyard Picket Window Is Absolutely A Must

Barnyard Picket Window Is Absolutely A Must


The function of a window isn’t only for letting the lights to come through, but also as a mean for some good air circulation.

When you think about adding farmhouse touch, a barnyard window can be an option for that.

However, only certain type of house style would match with this barnyard window if it’s applied.

It’s because of its particular window style offered here. That’s why not every homeowner would use or install it in their house.

7. The Magic Nook

The Magic Nook kitchen

It’s definitely going to be everybody’s favorite spot to hang out. Coffee lovers can’t resist this brilliant idea in their kitchen nook.

It’s obviously a small paradise in your lovely kitchen that would make your guests amazed.

It may feel small but when you have a proper look, all things are in there. This will persuade you to build one at your kitchen nook.

Well, it doesn’t have to be in the kitchen, actually. It fits to be placed in other places as well.

8. The Magic Jars

The Magic Jars

Aren’t they just amazing? Indeed they are. It’ll be such a waste to throw away mason jars in your house.

In fact, you can use them for storage and nice decoration for your farmhouse kitchen.

When you’re confused where to put beans or dry snacks, these mason jars can be a smart solution.

Put each item in a jar. And then you can label each jar using paint or permanent marker. Voila! The result speaks for itself.

9. White Hutch

White Hutch kitchen decor

A hutch can be storage for showing your artsy collection or storing kitchen equipment as well.

It’s also possible to use the shelves for storing mugs and jars or you can place some plants or flowers, too.

To make the wall a bit fun, you can put your favorite letters to form words. That’ll certainly make the hutch much more appealing.

I think that’s a good idea you can have a go. You can even paint them if necessary.

10.  Impressive Barn Door

Impressive Barn Door

What a nice idea! This barn door slide style will save some space when you open it.

You won’t find any trouble when opening or closing this pantry. Moreover, this dark wooden door is really impressive.

You should try all these farmhouse kitchen decor ideas in the kitchen. They’ll bring the warm ambience you’re looking for.

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