10 Amazing Home Office Modern Design Ideas For Small Space

Home Office Modern Design Ideas – Having a home office modern design will give you a fresh atmosphere in your working environment at home. It could affect the productivity of your works. You have to make sure your home office well-designed to be functional.

There are a lot of styles you can try to apply in your home office design. In this page, we’re about to show what a modern style has to offer with these inspirational home office ideas. Let’s explore!


Modern Home Office with Treble Work Space

With the large storage space of the wall shelving unit, you have the reason to make your workspace neat and well organized.

As you can see, the designer doesn’t leave the wall space empty. He filled it with some colored wall planters.

The wide space of the desk allows you to add three office chairs. The contrasting colors and shapes of the chairs brighten the room.


Symmetrical Home Office with Open Windows

This modern home office offers you with such a beautiful view of the outdoors. Through the window glass, space would be provided with so many lights during the day.

You can make the office your special spot inside the house. You’ll only need to add a chair and a desk right in the center of the window.

With the desk facing the window, you can do your work while enjoying the stunning natural view that encourages inspirations.


Unique Design of Home Office

This modern home office is so unique. It’s got the unusual layout that would take you to another place. It has two individual spaces that allow you to work in partnership.

Both of the space is divided by an asymmetrical desk that’s similar to the unique window’s cutaway.

The unusual style of the window and wall feels like the house itself has been cracked in half. This kind of concept looks new and complicated.


Home Office with Energetic Scheme

Mostly, a home office uses neutral colors in order to keep it simple and comfortable. If you don’t want it to be plain and boring, you can always choose other colors just like this one.

In this home office, it’s got the white color as the base, blue and red as the secondary colors.

Adding colors to a room would give energy. You will feel more inspired and motivated.


Elegant Black Home Office

The choice of furniture is the key to achieve a modern look. As you can see, this home office has a complete set of office furniture that’s nowhere near classic or vintage.

The color of black is chosen to balance the bright atmosphere around the room. The dark wood desk adds more elegance to the office.

The appealing look of this modern home office can be achieved because of the fancy quality of the furniture.


Scandinavian Home Office Design

Scandinavian is the other type of modern style. It’s the one that focuses on minimalism which offers an amazing look to your home office.

If the concept of your house is minimalist, you can apply this style to get in harmony with the rest of the space.

It’s an affordable option you could have to be your workspace. That hanging lamps above the space add industrial vibes into the mix. There are also a lot of natural accents nearby to provide a shooting atmosphere.


Home Office Full of Colors

Sometimes, modern style can be a little bit mind-blowing. Take a look at this workspace. It’s got a lot of colors.

The various colors are applied with a purpose. It helps enhance the whole working experience. Also, it offers some cool moments and vibes.

The unique design of that bookshelf is something that can immediately draw the attention of everyone.


Simple Home Office with Artwork

Going simple is always going to be the right decision to make when everything seems confusing. Simplicity means comfort.

This simple modern home office is ready to accommodate your works. The simple table and such a nice chair are just enough.

To avoid the space being too plain and boring, add some kinds of artwork on the wall to make it more interesting.


Home Office Modern Design with Chalkboard Wall

Having a chalkboard near the home office might be pretty helpful for the workflow especially if you have to take a lot of notes during your work.

The wall in front of the desk could be the cool space to apply chalkboard. So, you can just write anything right away.

Remember, you have to keep it simple while designing a space for your home office. It helps you make the most of your time and space at home.


Industrial Style with Modern Touch

Industrial style is close to the rustic style. But, you can achieve the contemporary blend of industrial pieces with a modern touch.

The furniture of this home office has a rustic charm that can increase the value of the space.

The industrial elements in this office are surrounded by a bright environment. It makes a great setup in your home office.



There are a lot of ways to deal with home office modern design. Whether it’s limited space or large space, fancy or affordable, colorful or neutral, the modern style will always give you comfort your need.



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