10 Small Home Office Ideas That’s Surprisingly Stylish

Home Office Ideas – The lack of space won’t be a problem for these home office ideas. If you want to design an office in your home but you don’t have that much space left, there are actually a lot of things you can do about it.

Just by exploring or taking a close look at the design ideas on this page, you will know what to do about what’s your home office is going to be. So, here are some stylish home office ideas that are specially designed for small space.

Tiny Home Office beneath the Stairs

The space under the stairs is often left out. Some homeowners make use of the space for shelving units and space to put some potted plants. Space is mostly used as part of the decoration.

Well, it can actually be a more useful space in the house. As you can see, the homeowner builds a small home office beneath the stairs. The floating shelf and a chair transformed the space into a tidy workstation.

One more thing you need to add is the corkboard on the wall. So, you can displays reminders and clippings to get the station to look more colorful.

Elegant Nook for Bachelor

In a small space, it might be hard to achieve a workspace with a lot of elegance. Well, you don’t need a lot of space to reach such elegance.

If you are not comfortable with dark hue around your workspace, probably this elegant nook is not for you to work on.

As you can see, the choice of chairs really matches the style of the room. It’s a perfect home office to be placed inside the master bedroom.


Vintage Style Home Office in the Corner

Corner space is always going to be available to fill in. It’s a great place to set up a home office especially for a small house.

Setting up a small home office is not that complicated. You can opt to have a workspace that blends into the room with a corner desk.

Or, you can just take a small traditional desk and make it as the feature of the room. Besides the table, you can choose to have all of the elements in vintage style. It’s like a home office from the Victorian era.

Modern Minimalist Home Office

For limited space, there’s nothing better than going minimal. Combining modern style with the minimalist concept is just a smart strategy you can do.

It’s perfect for you if you don’t want to give the space too much visual weight. It offers such advantageous clean lines from the modern style furniture.

The minimalist concept has made the furniture feels airy and light. It will be more relaxing and comfortable.

Multi-Functional Shelf as Workstation

It’s one of the simplest options to set up the home office in a small room. This small apartment studio is designed by a designer named Marion Alberge.

Who needs an office desk as a place to work when you have a shelf that is so space-saving for your small room?

You can even use it for something else besides work. You can use it as your breakfast nook and also a dining table.

A Floating Wall Unit for as Home Office

Check out this New York City studio apartment. It’s got a floating wall unit that spans. It makes a perfect space for home office.

It’s a home office in a living room. It’s like both of the space works together in harmony. For example, the chair is used for both office and living room.

This small living room is already full of stuff. It’s all over the space. It’s a great solution that has a floating unit with drawers that won’t take a lot of space.

Home Office with Modular Shelving

You can keep all your essentials clean and simple when you have the workspace in your bedroom. The modular shelving is the perfect element to anchor the workspace.

The bracket of the shelf is painted in various colors. I think that’s what makes the space more and more interesting.

It looks like really fun and cozy working in this bedroom. It’s a great idea for girls’ bedroom though.

Workstation in the Small Alcove or Nook

A small nook in the living room can be an ideal place to set up your workstation. It can be a multi-functional station in the room.

As you can see, that set of wall shelves has a base shelf that’s wide enough to accommodate your working equipment such as a Laptop and a desk lamp.

Make sure there’s a comfortable space beneath the base shelf that’s high enough to rest the legs anytime you want. You just need to add a comfy office chair.

Small Modern Office in the Middle

If you don’t have any more space on the corner or any other side, the space in the center is always open.

It’s good to have room being too much on the side. The small office desk will be the centerpiece of the room.

So, you need to get standout-looking furniture to maximize the charm. That bold color and brass accents are more than enough.

Home Office with Desk That Folds Up

This is probably the smartest idea in this list. Do you agree with us?

It’s a great solution if you don’t have any more space left for a home office because you have such a small house.

Having a table that folds up is the greatest thing for a room with a narrow or tiny space. It’s designed by Natalie Chong.


Having a home office or just a simple office desk is important for a house. Now, you know some home office ideas that make a limited space no longer a problem

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