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Bathroom Ideas In Grey – Grey is one of the most versatile colors that can be applied in any room and style, including your bathroom.

If you are looking for grey bathroom ideas that suit your style well, try checking these splendid ideas out.

1.   Grey Glass Tile Bathroom

grey bathroom ideas


Glass tiles are the best choice when it comes to a space-challenged bathroom because they can reflect the light well so your bathroom will appear to be larger. Besides, they come in many designs and colors.

This bathroom uses grey glass tiles to cover the backsplash and walls. The smooth surface reflects the light perfectly. And the white grout defines each tile well.

To add a nuance, a turquoise glass rack hangs over the marble countertop.

2.   Stencil Floor with a Few Touches of Yellows

Stencil Floor with a Few Touches of Yellows


If you like grey very much, but do not want your all-grey bathroom turn to be dull, try adding a few vivid colors and patterns.

You can do many things to achieve it. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is by applying stencil on the floor.

But if you think it is not enough, add a few vivid colors to jazz it up. Yellow towel and vases are just enough to freshen up your grey bathroom.

3.   White and Grey Small Bathroom

White and Grey Small Bathroom ideas


Your small bathroom would look more confined if you apply grey hues in every inch of it. Try combining grey with white, instead.

White is the go-to color for a small bathroom because it can make the area look more spacious and cleaner.

As you can see, the lower part of this bathroom is mostly white – white bathtub, cabinets, and beadboard – while the rest is grey, creating a perfect two-toned bathroom.

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4.   Do Not Go Overboard

Do Not Go Overboard grey bathroom

This white bathroom implements the modern look with a little bit touch of traditional style.

The classic white subway tiles represent the traditional style, adding more patterns with the grey grout.

Wide grey ceramic tiles are installed in a herringbone way, creating more charm to the bathroom.

Grey towels hang on a towel holder contrasting with the clean white wall. And the grey planter belonging to mid-century modern style is the icing on the cake.

5.   Romantic Grey Bathroom

Romantic Grey Bathroom ideas


This grey bathroom looks bold with the black vanity, sconce, and shelf.

The homeowner opted for ditching the frame of the large mirror to highlight the clean-line edges of it which makes the bathroom look bolder and more modern.

To balance and alleviate the bold look as well as bringing the romantic ambience to the bathroom, you can add some pinks in it. But do not go overboard. Pink towels and flowers will do.

6.   Grey and Blue Bathroom

Grey and Blue Bathroom ideas


As a versatile color, grey can be paired with any hue of your choice just like this grey and blue bathroom.

The combination of blue wall and ceiling, and grey shower and floor tile makes this bathroom look invigorating and fresh.

Some whites are also added to smoothen out the cooler transition. To anchor both colors as well as creating accent tile, white tiles with blue strip lie across the grey tiles and under the mirror.

7.   Luxurious White and Grey Attic Bathroom

Luxurious White and Grey Attic Bathroom

Turning your attic into a comfortable bathroom? Why not? This attic bathroom looks fabulous with white subway tiles and huge windows that provide sufficient natural light, making you feel relax when bathing.

Limestone tiles add textural element to the bathroom. They also protect you from slipping.

As the most important element, the white bathtub is highlighted well with grey stone tiles, complementing the bathroom floor perfectly.

To provide a luxurious bath, a chandelier and planters are placed by the bathtub.

8.   Concrete Grey Bathroom

Concrete Grey Bathroom decor


Who says that the bathroom wall has to be covered with tiles? This concrete grey bathroom has proven that concrete wall can provide a distinctive luxury.

Seamless bathroom is getting popular now due to its unique look. This attic bathroom is covered with concrete, yet it can still provide the elegant and modern look at once.

Just hang a chandelier and invest in clear-cut vanity, and you get the styles.

9.   Minimalist Grey Bathroom

Minimalist Grey Bathroom design

Since grey is one of the neutral colors, it is usually incorporated in modern houses.

This bathroom, for example, looks simple yet elegant due to the minimalist look provided by grey and the clean-line vanity.

Clear glass panels separate the wooden and grey floor, defining the bathroom nicely.

The absence of vanity legs gives you more space underneath so you can stash laundry basket in it. It is not meant to hide your laundry away, though.

10. Classic Grey Subway Tile Bathroom

Classic Grey Subway Tile Bathroom


This wet shower room is simple and practical. A wall separates the shower and toilet, giving you more privacy to do your stuff.

The shower does not have any door so you can get an easier access.

The grey subway tiles are installed in the classic way to accentuate the traditional look.

White grout is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles as well as clearly defining them.

The versatility of grey makes it suits any bathroom style perfectly. What about your bathroom? Revamp your bathroom using these grey bathroom ideas or simply add some elements in the said tone to get a subtle nuance in it.

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