10 Creative Girls Bedroom Ideas without Pink

Girls bedroom ideas – dealing with girls bedroom ideas, it’s not always about pink color and flowery graphic. You should think beyond pink to achieve a fresh design of bedroom for girls.

In designing girls’ bedroom, we need to get creative on patterns, color schemes, and layouts. Instead of dealing with the ordinary girly design, you could turn it into something more sophisticated. Surely, any girl would love these.


Girls Bedroom Ideas with Olive Jade and Blue Combo

Some playful color tones can be a great choice for girls’ bedroom. As you can see, it looks outstandingly gorgeous.

It’s proof that you can do a lot of things without pink colors in designing a bedroom for girls.

This bedroom design is not about the color combination. It showcases a lot of textures to make the bedroom more alive. It’s perfect for girls who have an active and fun lifestyle.


Small Oxford Peach Bedroom for Girls

It’s pretty obvious that the bed cover is the focal point of this bedroom. In such a small space, the designer is still able to pull up a comfortable bedroom.

In order to keep all the essentials nearby for easy reach, the bed features headboard storage. You can organize them all above your head.

At some point of the house, there are sign letters “LOVE” which strengthen the girly accent in this bedroom.


Floral Wallpaper around the Bedroom Wall

For nature lovers, the floral theme doesn’t have to be all green especially for a personal room like bedroom.

You can still incorporate the color of nature with the colors of the earth. The neutral color scheme in this bedroom makes a perfect base for the floral pattern.

The beautiful floral patterns on the wallpaper offer such a calm ambiance to this room.

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Soft Purple with Pops of Colors

Purple can be a great alternative color you can apply in the girl’s bedroom. The light and the soft hue of purple or lavender should be the main color.

This soft purple creates a magnificent atmosphere. Instead of pink, purple offers something new into the mix.

You can colorize more with other elements such as that floral-patterned curtain, butterfly accessories above the headboard, and more.


Bedroom for Girls with Vintage Elements

The bedroom of this Moroccan home has a vintage iron bed. It really makes a great impact to the bedroom.

The vintage and antique design of the bed, both raise the value of this bedroom. This iron bed comes from a flea market that you may find with a cheap price.

With that turquoise color, the bed becomes perfect for girls bedroom. To strengthen the vintage style, that vintage map gives an outstanding impression.


Feathery Features in Girls Bedroom

Even though it’s got such a tiny space, this bedroom still looks so stunning. The wall is applied with bird-themed wallpaper on the wall.

Fur rugs are one of the main reasons why this bedroom is perfect for girls. It harmonizes the white color of the bed and the rest of the wall.

The wooden flooring sets in a pale color. It makes a perfect pair with the rest of the scheme.


Baby Girl Bedroom with Stylish Purple Scheme

This is a glamorous bedroom for baby girl. The color scheme is just amazing to look at.

This bedroom is designed by Alex Papachristidis. The pattern of the drapes and chair are in harmony with the other purple elements.

The window plays a crucial part in this stylish purple bedroom. You can take this idea as your inspiration in designing bedroom for teen girls.


Calm Bedroom with Ombre Wall

Add some ombre on the wall is a smart solution when she can’t decide between the colors she wants. Just use them both with ombre technique.

Well, if you don’t have an advanced skill in painting especially applying the ombre, you got to have professional to do it for you.

As you can see, the result is very satisfying. It offers a beautiful gradation as the background of the bed.


Orange White Bedroom for Girls

Besides the patterns, the choice of colors is also crucial when it comes to wallpaper. You have to consider those two things.

For girls’ bedroom, you can overwhelm the space with mosaic pattern and orange color. It’s guaranteed to add instant fun to the bedroom.

You only need to wallpaper one wall which is behind the bed. The rest of the wall should be painted plain with a similar shade.


Chic Bunk Beds for Girls

Simplicity always wins when it comes to interior decor. As you can see, the design of this bedroom is very simple but so effective.

It’s using all white palettes with soft pastel accents to colorize the atmosphere. The wooden flooring seems not enough, so there’s a chic carpet that covers.

To keep your essentials easy to reach, the bunk bed features a storage shelf as the headboard.



There are a lot of color choices you can have in the girls’ bedroom instead of pink. Those girls bedroom ideas have proved it to you. What are you waiting for? Let’s make the bedroom great again.



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