10 Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Low Maintenance

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget – The combination of exquisite plants and thoughtful design will create a jaw-dropping view.

Therefore, you need to check out these front yard landscaping ideas for an unrelenting charm that adds value to your home and makes everyone envy.

1.   Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Keep the Maintenance to a Minimum

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Keep the Maintenance to a Minimum

Love the look, but hate the maintenance? Don’t worry! You are not alone. And thus, many homeowners come up with these brilliant front yard ideas that you can adopt.

This front yard has few plants meaning they require less – or even no – pampering.

Instead of grass, an abundant of small pebbles is used to cover the soil, creating a cleaner and neater look without demanding you to mow them regularly.

2.   Small Front Yard Conceal the Slope

Small Front Yard Conceal the Slope


Raised porch leaves a sloping area around the steps. And if it is not treated well, it will ruin the look of your front yard.

You can find many ways to conceal the flaws created by the sloping area. One of which is by arranging some rocks on it.

To avoid the monotonous look, add some shrubs and ornamental grass such as juniper, blue fescue, and boxwood among the rocks.

3.   Make a Focal Point

small front yard Make a Focal Point


Designing a front yard is not just about covering it with lawns and flowers. Making a focal point that steals anyone’s focus is also necessary.

This front yard features a round paved area surrounded by butterfly bush and inkberry bush.

The paved area allows you to get closer to the plants to either water or adore them.

Four kinds of taller euonymus are added to certain spots, anchoring the focal point in place.

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4.   Play with the Heights

Play with the Heights simple frond yard


Color is not the only one thing that you need to take into consideration when it comes to create a front yard landscaping.

Composition including the height and texture also plays an essential role in enriching the appearance.

The entry way of this front yard is accentuated with some shrubs such as coral bells, arborvitae, and purple pixie that stay close to the ground.

To vary the beautiful display and height, Japanese maple tree and another taller shrub are added.

5.   Display the Fountain

front yard Display the Fountain

One of the most commonly-used centerpieces in a front yard is a fountain. Fountains come in various shapes and styles to personalize your liking. But they have one thing in common – they can draw people’s eyes in no time.

The great thing of having a fountain in your front yard is it provides an upscale look to your home even if it lacks plants.

This front yard, for instance, has a few shrubs. However, the fountain gets it covered. With Buxus surrounding it, the fountain acts as the main and bold character here.

6.   Up-Cycle Unused Things

Up-Cycle Unused Things


Your storage room keeps an abundant of treasures that lies dormant and is waiting to be tapped into.

If you think an old bike and wheelbarrow are just waste, think again! They can make a pretty good adornment for your front yard.

This old wheelbarrow is such a fruitful embellishment. It can hold bougainvillea and ivy in place well. It is overwhelmed with various flowers and foliage, which makes it look like a giant flower bouquet, creating a dramatic atmosphere.

7.   Symmetrical Front Yard

Symmetrical Front Yard landscaping


Although there are no fixed rules in designing the layout of your front yard landscaping, you still need to pay a careful attention to the composition and the style of your exterior.

This farmhouse features a symmetrical design which makes it look unique. Try to avail this opportunity to make a symmetrical front yard. With the entry way as the center, grow the same plants on both side of it.

Place two planters with carnations or hydrangeas at the gate to welcome your guests.

Green mountain boxwood or Japanese yew tree would be perfect if put on both side of your house to anchor it. 

8.   Be Bold with Green Hues

Be Bold with Green Hues


Many homeowners think that great front yard landscaping ideas entail colorful flowers and trees.

Well, it couldn’t be further from the veracity. Even if your front yard is overwhelmed with green, it still looks elegant if you arrange it conscientiously.

Working with various green hues will be your safe bet. The light green of Arborvitae and Globe Blue Spruce would look good with cypress trees.

Another idea is to grow different height of plants. Two-storey tall trees are nice to see among other shorter trees and greenery.

9.   Accentuate the Walkway

front yard lanscaping Accentuate the Walkway

The walkway is the most noticeable part of the house. Therefore, it needs accentuating.

To highlight its look, try edging it with something that escorts multiple users to the front door such as bricks, pavers, or – even better – fuss-free shrubs like boxwood or carol Mackie daphnia.

10. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Carve the Shrubs

front yard ideas Carve the Shrubs


Some shrubs like boxwood are easy to maintain. Even some homeowners take the maintenance to the next level by trimming it to form a certain shape.

And that turns out well. Try growing your boxwood in certain pattern and let it steal a jogger’s focus.

You may have many reasons in considering front yard landscaping ideas. But one thing for sure, your front yard has to show who you are.

You can try to apply one of these ideas and tweak it a little bit to suit your personal taste.

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