10 Awesome Fire Pit Ideas Backyard for an Unforgettable Moment

backyard fire pit ideas landscaping

Fire Pit Ideas Backyard  Landscaping – Try turning off your TV and stashing the remote for a better family time.

Go to your backyard and sit around the fire pit to maintain a conversation, instead. To better it, try one of these fire pit ideas backyard.

These ideas will warm you up and create an unforgettable moment.

1.   Fire Pit Ideas Backyard Propane Table

If you are looking for a stylish fire pit that requires less maintenance and clean-up, a propane fire pit table will be your greatest bet.

Unlike the wood-burning one, this fire pit uses propane to produce the fire, which means you will not find any messy ashes in the morning.

Everything is going to be clean and under control. Besides, it usually comes in various designs that will suit your style well.

2.   Round Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pit is another top-notch option for those who enjoy sitting back and relax by the fire pit, but are reluctant to clean up the mess.

Like propane fire pits, gas fire pits provide a wide array of sizes and shape that you can choose from.

This round gas fire pit would make a great centrepiece in your patio.

The marble extended lip provides an elegant look that will perfect your evening.

3.   Portable Fire Pit with Night Sky Theme

Opt for a portable fire pit if you do not want to take a longer installation time. Besides, it saves more space as it can be stored in your storage room when you are not using it especially during the summer.

This fire pit features sturdy steel construction for its durability. The black matte finish with the stars and moons cut-outs makes it look fabulous. Just imagine how those stars and moons shine due to the fire inside it.

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4.   DIY Fire Pit Table

The best way to get a chic fire pit table without burning a hole in your pocket is by DIYing it. It may be a bit arduous and take a lot of time, but you can save more bucks.

To make a fire pit table, you will need some boards, burner kit, galvanized steel dormer flashing for the outer heat shield, galvanized steel deck ledger flashing for the inner heat shield, and some other tools and materials.

5.   Wood Burning Fire Pit

Although a wood-burning fire pit always leads to messy ashes, nothing can beat its aesthetic.

Comparing with its counterpart, propane fire pit, a wood-burning fire pit provides more heat so you can warm yourself up when it is getting chill without bringing a blanket along.

Since it does not any special tool and equipment, the installation is much faster. And, of course, it is such an inexpensive option for people with tight budget.

6.   Gas Fire Pit with Faux Blue Stones

Installing a fire pit in the patio is not just about keeping you warm. It is also about creating a relaxed and elegant ambience that can replace the charm given by a TV set.

Try investing in faux stones which are actually made out of glass. These blue glass rocks, for example, will provide a better outdoor experience that you will never forget. The rocks will not melt nor discolour due to the fire.

7.   Fire Pit Idea Backyard on Budget

If you are short on cash now, but want to have a fire pit to warm the conversation up, you can try making your fire pit out of bricks, dear readers.

All you need to do is just getting some bricks or pavers, and arrange them to form a circle.

You can add a fire pit insert so the heat will not be transferred to the outer part of the bricks.

8.   Fire Pit Lighting Ideas

To create a relaxed and friendly ambience is not only about arranging the seats around the fire pit. The lighting around the fire pit also plays an important role.

You may be thinking why you have to consider fire pit lighting when the fire can illuminate the surrounding area.

Installing the lighting in the patio is not just about getting things illuminated but also adding a nuance that complements the fire pit.

9.   Stone Fire Pit

This stone fire pit supplements the travertine patio. The rough surface and edges provide a more natural look that suits those who want to blend with nature. It may look like the fire pit that belongs to the Stone Age.

To light the fire pit up, you need to put some wood or charcoal in the fire pit bowl.

Since charcoal and wood produces ashes, be ready for the clean-up time the following morning.

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10.   Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete fire pit is usually larger and attached to the patio. Therefore, it is not a great choice if you want something that you can move.

However, concrete fire pit always provides a lavish look to your patio. It will be better if you also consider the furniture and lay out.

This concrete fire pit sits perfectly between the off-white sofas. And the wood panelling creates a clear border that anchors them in place.

Choosing the right fire pit ideas backyard can lead to a better memory. Light it up and sit around it to catch up with your family members so you can get closer.

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