27 Fence Ideas for Beauty and Security

Fences are more than just security features. They showcase your exterior design and contribute to the whole architecture. Modern fence ideas add unique beauty to the security feature. These 27 inspirations will help you decide which fence to install.


1. Modern Slatted Wooden Fence

This single fence uses horizontal instead of vertical slats. A small space divides the fence and the entryway. Perfect for securing small access between front yard and backyard.

2. Vertical Timber Fence

Thick vertical timber fence creates a statement in this modern house. Grassy plants at the bottom make each timber look like a thick tree trunk.

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3. Woven Backyard Security Fence

This backyard fence offers a unique look from its woven wood style. It looks smoother, less threatening, but still offers security and privacy.

4. Classic Wooden Fence

This wooden fence has elegant lattice works on top, adding beauty to the solid style. The fence door has a classic style that adds character to a modern house.

5. Bamboo Privacy Fence

This privacy fence combines bamboo poles with wood. The bamboo adds a fresh look to the yard design. Pebbled area, tree, stone tiles, and bench create a great spot for relaxing.

6. Etched Metal Fence Ideas

This concrete fence gets improvement from etched metal panels on top. They provide more “open” look without obstructing privacy.

7. Wood and Rock in Gabion

This wood and rock gabion fence add a unique feature for a regular yard. The combination of different materials elevates the fence without adding too much money.

8. Plant Fence Ideas

Make your house look greener with plant fence. The greens cover all the fence structure, with mesh wire door for the small entryway. Perfect for securing a relaxing hideout.

9. Vertical Garden Fence

The vertical garden trend makes use of narrow space to create a green area. This fence combines decorative panels and thick fern garden to create a unique design.

10. Low-cost DIY Privacy Fence

This DIY fence is cheap, consisting of mesh wire, cheap wood, and rocks. The wire holds the rocks in place, creating privacy and decorative elements.

11. Frosted Glass Fence Ideas

Frosted glass panels add dramatic look in a regular fence. These glass panels were attached to dark wooden frames for better privacy.

12. White Horizontal Slats Fence

This white fence combines horizontal slats and concrete. The white color adds a minimalistic element to a modern house.

13. Horizontal Wooden Pallet Fence

This wooden fence uses horizontal pallets to create privacy. The small spaces add a more open look. A great addition to a lush garden.

14. Black Iron Fence

The black iron fence creates a dramatic, moody look that makes your house exceptional. This black fence may look intimidating, but there is a certain elegance in it.

15. Wooden Lattice Fence Ideas

Lattice fence/trellis is perfect for any house with a garden or yard. It is perfect if you want a more open look, but still safe.

16. Rustic, Minimalistic Wooden Fence

This wooden fence has a minimalistic style, with rustic vertical panels. Offering beauty and 100 percent privacy, the fence has mini shelves for plants and lighting fixtures.

17. Wooden and Black Iron Fence

This black iron fence provides protection and safety. To increase privacy, wooden sheets were installed behind the bars.

18. Vertical Iron Bars

Vertical iron bars are great as a mini fence. This fence was made to protect a mini garden in a front yard. It does not offer privacy but surely looks great.

19. Vertiscape Garden Fence

This Vertiscape garden fence has mini plants arranged in a geometric design. The plants have slightly different green shades, which form a unique pattern.

20. Modern Laser-cut Steel Fence

Add a contemporary touch to your house with this laser-cut steel fence. The steel plates have thin holes scattered in random rows. They provide privacy, but still with some sort of airy look.

21. Horizontal Stacked Wooden Fence

This wooden fence consists of horizontally stacked panels. They add a contemporary look in the yard while still allowing air circulation.

22. Louvre Privacy Fence

This Louvre privacy fence has an oriental touch on the top. The slats positions allow air circulation while still maintaining privacy.

23. Stainless Steel Fence Ideas

Stainless steel fence has a modern look and an elegant sheen. This fence has a stone and concrete base to hold the higher soil. The fence adds beauty and elegance to the house exterior.

24. Stone Fence Ideas

The rustic stone fence has a fort-like appearance. It adds natural beauty and a great contrast to a modern building.

25. Chain Link Fence

This metal fence has interconnected shape that resembles chains. The woven style allows circulation without sacrificing privacy.

26. Vertical Solid Steel Plates

These solid plates are alternatives to slats or poles. They give privacy and protect the house from strong wind. Colored metal makes the fence more interesting.

27. Stucco Fence Ideas

Stucco fence is perfect for the Mediterranean or Mexican-style house. The rough texture and earthy color go well with a desert theme.

These fence ideas will make your house look different from others in the neighborhood. Pick one that reflects your design taste and personality.

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