10 Simply Stunning Farmhouse Dining Room Design and Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Dining Room  – style typically appears with its distinctive huge table. People wouldn’t have difficulties to tell what kind of dining room that is.

There are tons of dining room styles you can apply. From traditional family, cottage or eclectic dining room style, you can decorate and add them with some furniture to make the theme feels so alive.

You have to pay attention to what a dining room is served for, though.

1. Farmhouse Dining Room with Unique Lamp Decoration

A dining room is an area for serving meals. I believe you’d spend some time and money to create a nice dining room as any homeowners would. People would say that farmhouse style is much more casual in concept.

It makes people feel free to eat meals without thinking what eating etiquette they should follow, like in a formal concept dining room. You’d agree with me about that, wouldn’t you?

2. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Table

A farmhouse style looks less formal, which means you can really feel the togetherness and warm atmosphere among family members. The meals served will taste more delicious with that.

This room looks so simple with only white chairs with flowers on the table.

You can add some ornaments or posters in the room to make it a little bit more fun and relaxing.

3.  Featured Huge Lamp Decoration

After picking which style for your dining room, you can focus to give it some touches.

What decoration you should place, for example, and how big your space is will also determine the size table and the number of chairs.

But you can just count how many members in your family are and add some if there are guests who pay a visit sometime.

Lighting will definitely be an important part you shouldn’t forget. Install lamps that would give some adequate lighting there.

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4. Plastic Chairs

Transparent chairs for your dining room? Why not? This dining room features plastic chairs that you can see through with fury, white seat cushions. Above the majestic table is a candlelight-like lamp.

Some beautiful family pictures can be seen hanging around the mirror. Dark wood flooring makes quite a contrast with the transparent chairs. Meanwhile, plates are arranged with some candlelight and shining mugs.

5.  Lovely Dining Room

Chairs with two different colors and wooden flooring make this dining room looks really inviting.

It also has good lighting where the sunlight shines through that you don’t need to turn the lights on when you’re having breakfast or lunch.

It’s an airy dining room which is good to drive away a pungent smell that could destroy your appetite.

You can eat meals while looking outside. Putting some flowers on the table is such a great idea.

6. Beautiful Dining Room

You’ll get some new idea to be applied for your dining room after seeing this one.

This lovely dining room is completed with beautiful grey chairs, along with two big seats, rug and wooden flooring.

There are some flowers on the table and a pretty small tree on the corner.  Some artworks of beautiful plants on the wall give aesthetic look. The room also has good lighting it gets from the windows.

7. Luxurious

How spacious this room is! A table surrounded by stunning chairs with white seat cushions and beam ceiling with a chandelier that create a beach-themed dining room.

You can’t ignore the attractiveness of dark wooden flooring and white ceiling in this room.

There are usually some beautiful flowers or plants around a dining room. People would like to have them to be decorated in order to obtain some fresh look for their dining rooms. But if you don’t want to, feel free to not do it.

8. Bold Accents

This dining room is dominated by dark accents. The floor, chairs and door and other things in the room are in dark colors. It looks so impressive.

A nice chandelier and other small lamps provide lights from which the room gets illumination.

The table is not that big but it can hold six portion meals. There’s always happy feeling when you can eat together – the more the merrier.

You don’t have to put flowers on tables. However, if you feel like there’s something missing, then go ahead.

9. Spectacular Dining Room

I really admire the idea of having a ladder over hanging lamps for a dining room.

The first time you see this room, the ladder lamps would certainly catch your eye. They’re just exceptional.

If you look carefully, this room has strong brown and pale accents. I love seeing those plates on the table.

There is also pumpkin in each bowls and big candle lights set above the table, while under it white chairs and a rug are arranged.

10.  Simply Stunning

It looks simple, right? But it gives you enough of what you want for a farmhouse style. A table with some black chairs and a bench.

A chandelier always gives such a nice touch for a dining room – perhaps it’s because of its unique design.

I would also say that the window along with its white curtain take part in making the room look even more beautiful.

Do you like our farmhouse dining room ideas? We’d be delighted if you do. Please let us know.

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