10 Most Popular Farmhouse Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas Many homeowners are enjoying the resurgence of farmhouse style – either the modern or the urban one – currently.

If you are one of them, the outstanding farmhouse bedroom ideas in this article will be your favorite. So, keep reading!

1.   Farmhouse Bedroom White

Farmhouse Bedroom White

This bedroom is the combination of sleek clean lines that belong to modern design and the traditional look of a farmhouse.

The exposed tongue-and-groove ceiling brings the farmhouse aesthetic in your bedroom.

The shaker drawers under the bed incorporate additional storage space so you can stash you stuff.

Two sconces installed on the both sides of the bed, anchoring it so it is not floating. On the side table are three green jars that match the pillow well.

2.   Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas The Combination of Old and New

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas The Combination of Old and New


Encompassing various patterns, artwork, and furniture? Why not? A farmhouse concept of a bedroom can be a chic eclectic style too.

This bedroom is designed in a minimalist look with only implements white and black hues.

Two nightstands bring balance to the bedroom. Two pieces of artwork hang over the headboard, making a great focal point.

A rustic wooden bench is placed in front of the bed. It provides a place to hold a classic vase and jars.

3.   Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Tongue-and-Groove Accent Wall

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Tongue-and-Groove Accent Wall

Metal bed is the classic element that a farmhouse style has to have. It alleviates the modern style and makes it look more classical.

Soft beige carpet is tucked down on the floor, ensuring the warmth for your feet. Tongue-and-groove wall is always a part of a farmhouse bedroom.

If you do not want to be overboard with this wall, you can just have a tongue-and-groove accent wall right behind your back as the centerpiece.

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4.   Let the Fireplace Warm You Up

master bedroom Let the Fireplace Warm You Up


A fireplace has never failed to bring the serenity of an urban farmhouse. If you have it in your bedroom, congratulations! If you do not have it, try investing in an LED fireplace.

Reclaimed woods are installed along the ceiling to create a more dramatic look, complementing the fire place well.

A reading corner is available for the avid reader who wants to enjoy diving into a book in a relaxed way.

5.   Bedroom in the Attic

Bedroom ideas in the Attic

Turning an attic into a bedroom is not a new thing. And it is not always a bad idea to sleep in the attic if you can get rid of the dark and dank.

This all-white bedroom has proven that sleeping in an attic can be fun. White gives the idea of clean, bright, and spacious.

Do not forget to always open your window during the day, though. Vintage furniture and shiplap floor accentuate farmhouse style very well.

6.   Incorporate Vintage Furniture

Incorporate Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture will always make your bedroom look classic. That’s the secret everybody knows about.

So, why don’t you invest in some pieces of vintage furniture to accentuate the farmhouse style?

The woven ottoman and basket denote the charm belonging to the previous era. A well-worn white door would make your bedroom look epic.

Next to the door is wrought iron sconce that provides dim light to bring the romantic ambience to your bedroom.

7.   Let the Natural Light Your Bedroom

Let the Natural Light Your Bedroom ideas

When it comes to a bedroom with farmhouse theme, you need to make sure that it is bright and airy.

To achieve this goal, install more than one large window or even a glass door that escorts you to the balcony.

During the day time, open the windows and door, and let the air and natural light permeate in your bedroom.

Besides, bright and airy bedroom will provide you the ultimate comfort as it banishes the dankness.

8.   Furry Rug to Soothe Your Feet

Furry Rug to Soothe Your Feet

You must agree with this. The most unique and conspicuous thing here is the white pendant lamp that looks like a white balloon floating above the bed.

A small wicker basket perches on top of a stack of books, adding a more classic look as well as lending a textural element.

A white furry rug lies on a sisal one. It soothes your tired feed nicely and makes a pretty good adornment.

9.   Sophisticated Chandeliers bedroom design Sophisticated Chandeliers

This bedroom is full of rustic vibe that makes it look elegant. The chandelier hanging above the bed is the main actor in this bedroom. It looks classic and luxurious at once.

The wooden headboard featuring curvy edges matches the chandelier perfectly.

Instead of a wooden table, place the tray holding the books and vase on a wire mesh. Two stools made out of wood palette sit nicely by the windows.

10.   Old but Not Obsolete

Old but Not Obsolete

Being old is not always to be obsolete. This bedroom proves that old furniture can lend a timeless charm that you can adore.

The DIY headboard is a nice focal point. It is made out of distressed wood planks with wrought iron hinges.

Two nightstands and table lamps create a symmetrical look that brings balance.

A curvy French armchair stands in front of the bed, taking the classic look to the next level. Those are the outstanding farmhouse bedroom ideas that you can apply at home.

The key point of bringing the style to your bedroom is mixing the old and new furniture and do not forget to install exposed beamed ceiling. Having a barn door would be nicer.

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