15 DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Inspire Your Craft Project

Painted eggs are the most iconic parts of Easter. DIY Easter egg ideas are great to involve your family members in craft projects. From cute to magically beautiful, these Easter egg ideas will inspire your next project.

1.     Glowing Neon Easter Eggs

Want your Easter eggs to glow in the dark? Mix warm water, vinegar, and your favorite neon-colored paint. Dip or paint over hard-boiled eggs for magnificent Easter hunt “treasures”.

2.     Eggs with Gradual Shades

Gradual shades (ombre) will add a soft touch to regular boiled eggs. Start with a darker color at the bottom and continue with lighter shades to the top.

3.     Eggs with Blackboard Doodles

Apply blackboard paint on boiled eggs and make chalk doodles on them. You will get unique blackboard-style eggs with easy steps.

4.     Sprinkled Donut Eggs

Use boiled eggs with white shells to make a sprinkled donut. Paint a donut ring around the top of the egg with any “frosting” color you like. Add several colorful specks as the sprinkles.

5.     Elegant Blue Jay Eggs with Gold Spots

Mix blue and green paint to create blue jay egg color. Dip the entire egg in this paint. Once dried, splatter gold paint with an old toothbrush on the surface.

6.     Eggshell Decoration with Tie Dye

Create Easter decoration using empty eggshells. Poke small holes on the top and bottom of the egg before blowing the content out. Use markers to cover the entire shells. Dab nail polish remover to create tie-dye effect.

7.     Natural Marbled Egg Look

Create a marbled look using vinegar and grape juice in a large bowl. Leave the eggs in it overnight. The result is a marbled look that looks “stony” and expensive.

8.     Mosaic Eggs from Cracked Shells

Boil several white eggs and dye only half of them. Crack the shells of the dyed eggs. Use the pieces to create mosaic patterns on white eggs with glue.

9.     Elegant Watercolor Effect

Watercolor effect makes everything look elegant. Prepare several bowls of warm water. Pour food coloring and vinegar into each bowl. Stir the mixture and pour the color over the egg. Let it dry before pouring another color.

10.Brilliant Marbled Eggs

If you want to make a “brilliant” marble effect, use nail polish instead of vinegar. Mix any nail polish color you like with warm water. Dip the eggs into the mixture (wear gloves!).

11.Colorful Eggs with Dyed Tissue Paper

Use bleeding tissue paper to create colorful effects on white eggs. Use a spray bottle to “bleed” the colors onto the shells.

12.Subtle Colors with Food Dye

Food dye is a safe way to color eggs, especially if you want to eat them later. Just soak white or brown eggs in a solution of food dye overnight.

13.Metallic Sprayed Egg with Chalk Marks

Spray your eggs with metallic paint for brilliant effect. Use chalk marks to form various unique designs.

14.Cut-and-stick Napkin Eggs

Cut a thin, decorative napkin and glue it to the eggs. This method is easy and safe. You can eat the eggs after the Easter hunt is done.

15.Mini Round “Burgers”

Create burgers by drawing brown patty and red tomato on the side of each egg. Stick thin green tissue paper for lettuce and white specks for the bun. This trick works on brown eggs.

With these easy DIY Easter egg ideas, you can create memorable eggs for the hunt. Try them with your kids or students for fun craft projects.

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