10 Driveway Ideas with Pavers for an Amazing Home Exterior

Driveway ideas with pavers – Let’s improve the curb appeal of your house’s exterior with these driveway ideas with pavers. There are a bunch of products that are used for a driveway in the high-end houses. One of the most popular is the pavers.

Driveways are more than just something to get your car off the street. Since it’s placed in front of the house, you need to consider about the design to make it both practical and beautiful at the same time.


Driveway ideas with pavers Style Grassy

If you want to combine the concrete with grass, permeable stone pavers are the one to consider. This kind of surface is drivable and it has stormwater drainage that allows the grass to grow.

The grassy driveway will be perfect for a house that’s located around the natural environment. Above the surface, you can install a canopy with natural greenery to emphasize your nature-themed exterior.

It is also called as a valet-style driveway. As you can see, the drive up entry is similar to the one you see in a country club.


A Pavers Driveway with Colorful Garden

This beautiful driveway looks like a garden. It seems like the designer has increased the value of this driveway.

It’s something you don’t expect on a driveway. In the perception of the house, the outer look has a big role. So, making it more interesting is the right thing to do.

It features modern frosted glass garage door patterns which makes a great background for that colorful garden.


Curvilinear with Permeable Grass Paver

Here is another grassy option of driveway ideas with pavers. It’s got a curvilinear concept that looks fantastic from this view.

This driveway is located in a Southern California house which is designed by Studio Lifestyle.

The size is quite large and nicely frames the drive. Though so, this impressive driveway is so delicate. So, you might need to avoid having too many cars using the space.


Driveway ideasLarge Concrete Grass-Jointed Pavers

Pairing the pavers with grass seems to be one of the most popular designs of the driveway. That’s a fact because it creates such a nice cohesive facade and the scene looks softer.

This dark-gray exterior plays an important aspect to manage the brightness of the concrete driveway.

People love to have grass-jointed pavers because it’s got a feature that allows rainwater to infiltrate the ground. So, it would prevent flood damage.



Modern Style

Modern paver for driveway comes from different kinds of material such as stone, sand, brick, and concrete.

The brick or terra cotta is the great option if you prefer to have a rustic look on your driveway. For a clean and minimalist look, get the stone or concrete pavers.

Besides the material, the arrangement design is also very important. You need to have it well-planned before the installation.


Circular with Colored Pavers

In order to apply this design, you will need a lot of effort. The luxurious fountain in the middle completes the fancy exterior design of this house.

The decorative plants around the fountain are the main attraction of this driveway. So, the charm from the paver design shouldn’t be too standout.


Resilient with Concrete

In this cottage-style house, having such modern driveway would amp up the interest of the exterior design.

This paver driveway design will put the middle part of this concrete style with pavers in an irregular shape. It gives a classy and appealing look for the house.

It requires a lot of effort to install such customized paver driveway.


Large Brick Paver Drive with a Tree in the Middle

Check out this modern house design. It has such an amazing stucco design architecture that has walls and pillars from stacked stone.

One thing that steals your attention about this driveway would be that tall tree in the middle. Some people would decide to cut down the tree during the paver installation.

Apparently, this one decides to use the tree as the centerpiece to a quite large space of driveway. That’s the right decision to make.


Driveway ideas with pavers Dark Slate Stone

Choosing a dark hue as the color of the driveway could be the right decision when the things around it seem too bright to have the common hue.

The designer of this driveway made the right decision about the material and the color. Considering the shape and design of the house, this red and charcoal accent on the driveway looks stylishly in harmony with the house.

The brick with irregular size looks simple. It uses some kind of a traditional approach to the house.


Pavers Design with Quatrefoil Charm

The pavers in this driveway have a quatrefoil design which becomes the focal point in the area. It matched with the Tudor-style architecture of the house.

It’s going to be the first thing everyone sees when entering this driveway.

The design really encourages your sense of art to get in harmony with the whole exterior design of this house.



The exterior design is as important as the interior design of the house. So, you have to consider both parts in order to design your house completely. Those driveway ideas with pavers are few things to support your inspiration.

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