Smart Shoe Storing with 21 DIY Rack Shoe Ideas

diy rack shoe ideas

Shoes need smart organizations, especially if you have more than a dozen pairs of them. Don’t have money to buy a fancy closet? Make your own! Many DIY rack shoe ideas are easy, cheap, and perfect as a weekend project. From PVC pipes to a simple hallway cabinet, here are good ideas to apply at home.

1.     The Cheap PVC Pyramid

The cheap PVC pyramid consists of several PVC pipes, cut into similar lengths, with diameters that fit your shoes. Glue or blind them together, and you will get an instant shoe rack. If you have small space, you can stack the pipes in one high pile, although it is not the best design for storing numerous shoes.

2.     Metal Shoe Rack under Bench

This entryway bench has a row of metal rack underneath. It is a perfect place to store shoes that you often wear. The bench serves as a seating space to wear shoes more easily.

3.     Entryway Double-panel Shoe Rack

This entryway rack has a simple design; two wooden panels in square frames. This is a piece of simple but functional furniture to quickly grab or store the shoes. The top part can be used for long boots or stilettos.

4.     Simple DIY Shoe Rack

Create a functional rack for family shoes with a simple wooden rack. This one has slightly slanted panels to better display the shoes. The rack is perfect for the entryway, kitchen, or wherever you store the shoes indoor.

5.     Shoe Cabinet with Pull-out Drawers

This shoe cabinet looks regular from the outside. However, the drawers have a unique pull-out design. A simple but unique twist that gives your shoe cabinet a modern touch.

6.     DIY Shoe Rack on Wall Corner

This rack uses a small corner to keep shoes in a stack. Several triangular panels were installed to hold individual shoes. A perfect solution for a small entryway.

7.     DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

This cardboard shoe rack is cheap, easy, and perfect for an entryway. Turn sturdy cardboard panels into triangles. Wrap them with colorful paper before gluing them.

8.     DIY Iron Pipe Shoe Rack

Combining iron pipes and wooden panels creates unique, sturdy shoe racks. These pipes were coated to get extra sheen and unique shades.

9.     Flip-down Slats for Shoe Racks

These vertical wooden slats can be flipped down and turned into racks. This is a great solution to adjust with all shoe sizes. When the rack is unused, you can flip the slats up to save space.

10.DIY Shoe Rack from Cloth Hangers

These cloth hangers were arranged into a vertical rack on aluminum bars. You can slip the shoes there and keep them well-aired. The aluminum bars are sturdy but light.

11.DIY Door Shoe Rack

Use the door space with a DIY metal rack like this one. The construction is light but strong, without bulky parts. A perfect way to use space smartly in a small home.

12.DIY Shoe Rack Stand

This shoe rack has pegs to store your shoes in standing position. They are also ideal for keeping slippers. The design is flat and not bulky, perfect for a small house.

13.DIY Hanging Shoe Rack

These racks have a ring-like design where you can insert the shoes. Their colorful exteriors add decorative elements to the house. This is a perfect wall decoration for the entryway.

14.Peg Storage Rack for Tall Boots

This floor rack consists of several long pegs for tall boots. This is perfect for keeping the boots in shape. This storing position also allows air to circulate in the boots.

15.Wooden Spinning Shoe Carousel

This wooden shoe carousel provides access to each pair more easily. The top part is a perfect place to showcase your best shoes, like in a store.

16.Hallway “Shoe Command Center”

This “command center” consists of shoe schedule information and basket organizers. This is a perfect system for a family to regulate the shoe conditions (and supplies). The organizers themselves were made of simple, colorful baskets attached to the wall.

17.Repurposed Pallet Shoe Rack

Use an old pallet rack as a place to hang shoes. Let the pallet stand and place the shoes between its slats. You can also hang shoes from their heels to get fresh air.

18.CD Tower Rack

CD tower provides good places for shoes. You can spray paint it to match your interior before placing the shoes.

19.Display Shoe Rack

This vertical rack has plastic panels to display individual shoes. The zigzagged cuts add flair to an otherwise regular rack. You can use it to display specific shoes, such as heels or sneakers.

20.Industrial-style Built-in Shoe Rack

This shoe rack was built in a walk-in closet. The pipes contribute to the industrial style, with a coated surface for a shimmering effect. The design contrasts with the elegant high heels.

21.Floating Entryway Shoe Racks

These shoe racks were installed near the entryway, right under the coat hanger. This is a perfect location to grab shoes before leaving.

DIY rack shoe ideas add personality to your house. Try one of these ideas to organize your shoe collection with style.

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