15 DIY Outdoor Cat Houses for Your Fur Babies

Don’t have enough space inside for your fur babies? Make a nice DIY outdoor cat house for them. These houses provide protection and safety for the cats while allowing them to roam. You can build simple houses or complicated shelters. Here are 15 ideas to help you finding inspirations.

1. Double-deck Outdoor Cat House

DIY outdoor cat house


This double-deck house consists of two tiers, with doors at different sides for easier access. The house is supported by legs, keeping the bottom part from getting wet during the rainy season. You can let the natural wooden color shine, or paint it with fun colors.

2. Tire Cat Shelter

cat house


The inside of a rubber tire is warm and spacious enough for a cat. This simple shelter consists of two tires, with two large holes as easy accesses. Wooden panels were stuck on the sides and top to provide steps.

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3. Simple Styrofoam Shelter

Styrofoam cat house

This Styrofoam shelter is easy to make. You only need a large Styrofoam box, a cutter, and hay or other warm materials to fill it. Two wooden beams lift the box, keeping the bottom part from getting wet.

4. Easy DIY Shelter for Winter

warm diy cat house

This easy shelter provides comfortable refuge for winter. It consists of two boxes with different sizes and hay layers. The front part has a hole for simple access. The two-fold boxes and hay provide warmth for winter days.

5. DIY Bucket Shelters for Feral Cats

outdoor cat house

These bucket shelters are waterproof, perfect for feral cats. You can make a shelter from two identical buckets, with a hole cut on one. The two buckets are then stuck to each other with nails or drill. A canopy prevents rain from splashing into the shelter.

6. DIY Floating Cat House on Wall

wooden cat house


This DIY outdoor cat house was built on a wooden platform on the wall. The top was made of a reused old box, with a small window and cat’s head cut on it. The inside is big enough for a litter box, food bowl, and sleeping area.

7. Simple Cat House from Pallet

diy outdoor cat house


This simple cat house was made of an old wooden pallet. The pallet was divided into two, with hay layer on the bottom and small mattress on top. A metal sheet was fitted on top to create a roof. The bottom part has two holes as convenient access for kittens.

8. Modern Cylindric Cat House

Modern Cylindric Cat House


Why stick with square if you can make a cylindric cat house? This wooden shelter has a tubular shape with a simple hole as access. The exterior was coated and painted with subtle green color. It is simple and comfortable enough for a cat to rest.

9. DIY Two-story Cat House

Give your fur babies nice home with this two-story cat house. The top has an open design for lounging, while the bottom is warmer and more covered. The red-and-white color and latticed fence add special elements in the otherwise simple design.

10. “Greenhouse” Cat Enclosure

This cat enclosure resembles a greenhouse, providing your cat with a safe, secure space to roam. The transparent panels are attached to sturdy frames. The end of the enclosure has a cat house with wooden “bridge.” It keeps your cat warm and dry during colder days.

outdoor cat house

11. Rustic Tree Cat House

Rustic Tree Cat House

This low tree became a nice place for a cat house. It was constructed from rustic wooden panels. The design is a bit haphazard, which creates the charm. Two Tiki torches became the “gates” for the cat house, adding unique, personal element.

12. Wooden Cat House with Small Garden

Wooden Cat House with Small Garden

This wooden DIY outdoor cat house has a simple design with orange flower accents. The small garden creates a unique look. It was constructed from arranged stones, with flowers or plants that are safe for cats. You can also plant greens that cats like to chew or sniff.

13. Chicken Wire Jungle Gym

Chicken Wire Jungle Gym

This “cat’s jungle gym” was made of chicken wire, wood, and small roof tiles. Two mesh cages are connected by a wooden bridge. The bridge is protected by chicken wire, allowing the cats to explore while keeping them safe. Hanging flower pot creates a beautiful accent.

14. DIY Outdoor Cat House: Foam Floor with Heater

modern heated outdoor cat house

Heater foam floor will make your cats happy with the warmth. This construction is perfect for making your fur babies happy during colder days. The heater can be something with small watt or simple batteries. As long as the foam floor is warm, your cat will enjoy any house design.

15. Barrel Pot Cat House

Barrel Pot Cat House

This DIY cat house combines a reused barrel and plant container in its construction. A barrel has enough space for a cat to hang out comfortably. You can create a large hole and fill half of the barrel with a warm layer. A wooden platform serves as a stair and dining “table.” The top part of the barrel can serve as a planter.

These DIY cat house ideas are simple, and most of them use repurposed materials in the construction. Make your pets or feral cats happy by building simple, comfortable, and warm shelters.

DIY Outdoor Cat House

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