6 Easy Tricks to Dispose of Cat Litter in Narrow Land Cat

Litter can cause several kinds of diseases if not cleaned immediately. We must know how to make a cat defecate and urinate in its place.

But sometimes cat owners who get used to throwing their cat litter in the litter box have difficulty finding land to dispose of it.

It would be nice to make a special sheet for cat litter, so that your family doesn’t get sick. But if you don’t have enough space to make it, then you can try this easy and practical way.

Easy Tricks to Dispose of Cat Litter in Narrow Land Cat
  1. First, make a small hole about 20 cm in diameter with a depth of 50 – 80 cm. To make it easier, you need to buy or make a drill tool like the picture above. You can come to the iron welding place and ask them to make it the way you want it.
  2. Put your cat’s litter into the hole, then cover it again with dry leaves, wooden planks, or old tiles. 
  3. The next day you just open the lid of the hole and put cat litter in it. And so on until the hole is almost full.
  4. If the hole is full, then cover it with soil that is thick enough so that there is no bad smell.
  5. After that you can make a new hole nearby to remove the next dirt. Keep repeating this method until all of your soil area is filled with dirt. Then the first hole you made the dirt has turned into loose soil. Then it can be dug up again for the next sewage disposal.

This method is not only easy, cheap, and effective but also helps fertilize the soil around your house. Loose, fertile soil works best if you grow flowers, fruit, or vegetables.

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