10 Creative Desk Ideas for Home Office to Encourage Your Creativity

Desk Ideas for Home Office – key to having the perfect desk ideas for home office is organization. The desk should feature some storage that allows the owner to get it well-organized.

Having a home office will be very helpful to keep your work effective and efficient. It has to be different from what you have in your own formal office. It’s got the distinct advantage of being at home.

You have more freedom to choose other kinds of the desk instead of the bland one you have in your formal office. Here are 10 desk ideas you may want to have a look at.


Desk Ideas for Home Office Fun Creative Station with Card Catalog Desk


This home office space uses library-style cardholder to pull the drawers of the desk. You can achieve this playful station to work on by painting the drawer fronts of your own vintage desk.

You can turn any boring vintage desk to make it more interesting and colorful.

On top of the desk, there’re some useful containers that keep the clutter away from the top space of the desk. You can just throw in any kinds of utensils you’re not using.


Reclaimed-Wood Material for Industrial Vibe

This double desk design allows you to work in pairs in your home office. The design is simple and filled with great industrial vibes.

As you can see, the reclaimed wood material really offers an outstanding scene in your working area. It’s packed with enough storage space that’s friendly with creative working.

Having the monitor and the table light in harmony makes it becomes the favorite space in the house. It helps to build up the mood around the working area.


Floating Corner Desk Facing the Window

Instead of facing the wall, facing the window could be a better option to amp up the mood and release some stress in working.

As you can see, the corner space of this room looks uncommon. So, the floating desktop needs to be custom made to get it fit. No legs, no worries.

You will feel cozy enjoying your work and knowing that you make use every inch of space in your house.


Space-Saving Standing Desk for Home Office

If you want to make your office space ultra simple, this idea is something you can rely on.

In order to have a desk, you don’t need a real desk or a table. You can’t just have a counter space that’s comfortable for you.

This minimalist standing desk is made of a wall shelf. It’s one of the shelves on the wall that you can use as your office desk. Pair it with a stool that allows you rest a little bit from standing.


Using Large Calendar as the Focal Point

The presence of a calendar near the office desk is quite essential. Because you need to keep up with the schedule you have in your works.

Adding a calendar decoratively in front of your desk will give you a simple and stress-free work atmosphere.

You can add more decors to personalize your calendar. Write everything you need on the board to keep you on track daily.


Desk Ideas for Home Office Hidden Storage under the Desktop

There will be no more clutter on top of your office desk, not even a single item that could bother the clean surface of the desk.

With this innovative desk, you don’t need to organize anything. You can just simply throw your stuff all in the storage and hide them away.

You will have a neat and clean desk in a blink of an eye. You will only need this innovative wooden desk with a white top.


Minimalist Desk for Small Spaces

A desk in a living room with a computer on it doesn’t have to be a desk for working. You could just add a desk in your living room as a space to do lighter works such as web-surfing, paying bills, sending emails, etc.

This is a simple minimalist desk light that won’t take much space in your small living room. Don’t worry about that.

There’s always a corner space in the living room available for you to enjoy your productive activities.


Desk Ideas for Home Office Super-Small Alcove Workstation

As you can see, this workstation has a very limited space. It seems uncomfortable to work in such a tiny space.

Well, if you feel comfortable to work there to make use every inch of your room space. There’s nothing wrong about it.

You can personalize it with some photographs and stickers. It seems like you’re going to get a lot of privacy there.


Gorgeous Desk with Crystal Clear Lucite

Another desk options for small spaces, having an office desk in the house is not a waste of space.

The main feature of this desk is the crystal clear Lucite material. It offers an illusion of invisibility. It looks like you don’t have a desk at all.

The downside of this kind of table is the material’s price. It could be pretty expensive compared to common material.


Office Desk That Wraps Around the Corner

Check out the concept of this home office space. It provides a lot of space to work with partners. Just add more stools in it.

It’s not actually some corner of a room. It’s one room that has a built-in floating wooden counter that wraps around the corner.

With the plain white wall, the brown wood really adds a significant touch to space. The minimalist stool design looks unique.



The whole desk ideas for home office won’t hurt your budget. You can still save some more for other remodel project inside the house.



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