10 Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas for Improved Safety and Style

Deck Ideas – If you have an outdoor deck and want to enjoy a perfect summer night, adding some lighting will be a great idea. With the right outdoor deck lighting ideas, there’s no doubt that you can enjoy the beautiful starry sky and cozy light breeze outside your home.

Don’t have any idea of outdoor deck lighting? Don’t be panic! Read on to see some of the best ideas to get started.


1.     Deck Ideas Lighting Rail Post

Rail Post Deck Lighting ideas

Lighting your deck rail and post like this one can be enough to brighten most of your outdoor space. Interestingly, the ambiance is just perfect to create a warm, inviting feeling.

Post lamps typically cast light on the boundary of your deck. If you want to try this idea, make sure to measure the post and rail first to find the correct size.

Then, you can consider installing other types of lighting like pendant lights or chandeliers for extra light.


2.     Step Deck Ideas

Step Deck ideas Lighting

Step deck lights are typically used to improve safety. However, they can also add some style to your deck stairs.

Like the picture above, the step deck lights are installed along the stairs creating a beautiful effect when the night comes.

In addition to the step deck lights, you can also add more light by introducing post deck lights.


3.     Sconce Accent

Sconce Accent Deck

Introducing accent lighting has always been a great idea when it comes to outdoor deck. It will be able to draw attention to a specific area in your deck.

If you’re interested in the idea, here are some suggestions to do it:

  • Combine wall sconces and other fixtures for a dramatic look like shown in the picture.
  • If there is a fireplace on your deck, consider installing accent lights around it too.

Looking gorgeous and inviting, you can use the picture above as an inspiration for outdoor deck lighting ideas.

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4.     Unique Torch Lighting

Unique Torch Lighting


These unique torch lights have been able to provide additional light and add some styles on this outdoor deck.

You can simply set a few torch-like lights around your deck to get this beautiful and inviting feeling. Add some post deck lights for extra illumination.

If you have enough light embracing from your indoor area like this one, some torch lights will be enough to illuminate the whole deck.


5.     LED Deck Floor Lighting

LED Deck Floor Lighting

Deck floor lighting is perfect to show up the boundary of your deck. You can also use this type of light along the floorboards next to deck railings.

In addition to the deck floor lighting, recessed lights applied around the planters also create a huge interest in this space.

You can also add some other light fixtures around the garden area to provide enough illumination for a larger outdoor area.


6.     Outdoor Deck Umbrella

Outdoor Deck Umbrella Lighting

If you have an outdoor deck umbrella, installing your lighting solutions on it will be a good idea. Not only delivering adequate light, but it also adds styles on your deck as well.

Just like this small outdoor deck, the dim of small string lights here offers an intimate space to have a conversation with your partner.

Instead of a string of small lights, you can also consider opting for bigger light bulbs and arrange the string as you please.


7.     Pergola String

Pergola String

If your outdoor deck features a pergola, opting for string lights and install it all around it will be a great idea.

As you can see in the picture, the pergola is decorated with string lights, creating a beautiful view in the evening.

Featuring an outdoor dining area and small kitchen, this one of outdoor deck lighting ideas will be perfect for you who love to throw an evening party at home.


8.     Simple String Lights and Lanterns

Simple String Lights and Lanterns

Although you don’t have pergola in your deck area, you can still apply string lights to beautify your space while adding enough illumination.

In addition to the string hanging above the deck, there are small string lights put on the plants around the space as well.

Besides, you can also add a few candle lanterns on the deck floor for additional light and beautiful complement.


9.     Vintage Pendant

Vintage Pendant

If you are transforming your deck area to create an outdoor kitchen, consider pendant lights like shown above will be a good choice.

Pendants can add decorative element of a given space. Besides, it can deliver enough light on the area.

You can determine the number of pendant lights based on the size of the area that you want to illuminate.


10.  Deck Ceiling Fan

Deck Ceiling Fan

If you want to have a double-duty fixture, ceiling fan lighting is your best bet. As the name suggests, it doubles as a fan and lighting fixture.

Besides, a ceiling fan with built-in lighting can meet your light needs and make sure you are comfortable.

Here are some recommendations when you want to apply this kind of lighting:

  • Opt for a ceiling fan which matches your color scheme and provides enough light.
  • Consider adding accent lights in your space if the fan features a small bulb.


Those are 10 outdoor deck lighting ideas that you can take into account. Hope you find your best match and happy decorating!




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