20 Computer Desk Ideas to Support Your Work and Study

Most of us sit in front of a computer desk almost every day. Choosing the right desk is important for our comfort. Consider these 20 computer desk ideas before selecting the best product for your need.

1. DIY Pallet Computer Desk

DIY Pallet Computer Desk

A wooden pallet is a perfect reusable material for a compact computer desk. It provides enough space for a laptop, small objects, and humble ornaments.

2. Modular Gaming/YouTuber Desk

Modular Gaming/YouTuber Desk

Any gamers and YouTubers can benefit from a modular desk, designed to fit multiple screens, mic, compact audio system, keyboard, and other necessary tools.

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3. Double-sided Computer Desk

The double-sided model is useful for an open-space office or shared workplace. You can work with a partner and communicate more easily.

4. White L-shaped Desk

White L-shaped Computer Desk

The L-shaped deck is a common solution for a tiny room. The white color makes it easy to blend with various room designs.

5. Personalized Home Office Desk with Decoration

Personalized Home Office Desk with Decoration

A home office desk should have enough personalization to distinguish it from the other rooms. You can use wall arts, message boards, and flowers to personalize a desk.

6. Simple Desk with Padded Armchair

Simple Desk with Padded Armchair

A simple computer desk becomes a comfy, working spot with a padded armchair. Wall shelves add the storage spaces.

7. Standing Desk

Standing Computer Desk Ideas

Increase your calorie burning by installing a standing desk. It also reduces joint pain and other problems associated with sitting too long.

8. Large Desk with Double Screens


A large desk is ideal for placing two screens.  Perfect for workers who need constant sync with a desktop monitor.

9. Desk with Expanded Portrait Screens

Desk with Expanded Portrait Screens

Fit your customized portrait screens on a wide desk for an expanded gaming view. The size perfectly accommodates the screens with enough spare spaces.

10. Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

Standing desk with the adjustable feature allows you to switch between sitting and standing. A perfect addition to a “healthy” office.

11. Modular Desk for Designer and Gamer

Modular Desk for Designer and Gamer

Designers and gamers need the perfect desks for fitting all the screens and tools. Extra space above for fitting a large screen helps, too.

12. Corner Desk with Bookshelves

Corner Desk with Bookshelves

This corner desk is fitted right under wall bookshelves. It is a perfect design to accommodate a small office.

13. Computer Desk for Minimalist Office

Computer Desk for Minimalist Office

Subtle elegance is what you aim in choosing a desk minimalist office. The modern design fits in almost any contemporary rooms.

14. Concrete Computer Desk

Concrete Computer Desk

A concrete slab becomes the perfect surface for a modern computer desk. You can fit it in an industrial or modern minimalist office.

15. Portable Computer Desk

Portable Computer Desk

Practical and convenient, portable computer desks boast the most basic structures of desk design. They are easy to install with DIY steps.

16. Floating Gaming Desk

Floating Gaming Desk

Floating desk reduces the bulk and frees up space for your feet. A perfect addition to a small office.

17. Ergonomic Computer Desk

DIY Ergonomic Computer Desk

Ergonomic computer desk allows you to type, play game, and design in the ideal position. Featuring a lower keyboard surface and recessed edge for the body.

18. Tiered Studio Desk

Tiered Studio Desk

A tiered table is ideal for a home studio. It accommodates computers, office supplies, and small tools to support your work.

19. Tabletote Desk

Tabletote desks have lightweight, flexible designs. They are ideal for students, workers, and homeowners with a mobile lifestyle.

20. Scandinavian Computer Desk

Scandinavian desks have clean lines and simple forms. They inject freshness and simplicity in a modern office room.

A well-designed office needs the right supporting furniture. Choose between these computer desk ideas to create your dream office.

Computer Desk Ideas

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