10 Comfortable Breakfast Nook Ideas to Start Your Day

Breakfast Nook Ideas – You’re going to need some comfortable breakfast nook ideas if wanting to have the perfect morning routines. The space for breakfast would decide the mood you’re going to have for the entire day.

So, you could start your day in a great way. You can begin by exploring these ideas to make the most of your kitchen nook.


Breakfast Nook Ideas Simple Clean

If the concept of your house is less is more, this is what you are looking for. The key is just to keep it simple in every element you’ve got in the space.

Don’t add any element that looks more standout than the others. You can incorporate the elements with the neutral tones. The minimalist design of furniture makes a great companion to this kind of nook.

Nothing can compare the comfort of eating your morning meal in this soothing space.


Green Patterned Wallpaper above the Nook

This is a touch that you can try to have in your breakfast nook area, especially when it’s located in the corner. It will pop up all of the kitchen areas.

The pattern itself has already become the attention stealer. It’s an artwork that you can’t deny.

When you only have that wallpaper in the area of the breakfast nook, it becomes an interesting way to separate the space from the rest of the room.


Classic Elegant Design

Corner seems to be a great space to set up your breakfast area. It’s another cornered breakfast area that deserves to be in your classy kitchen.

It looks classic yet elegant at the same time. The choice of white color as the base of the brown cushion makes space becomes more impressive.

The clean white wall is well-decorated with a showcase of action figures in a frame. There’s a unique light fixture above the table to add a bit of industrial vibe to the breakfast nook.


Rustic Feel in a Breakfast Area

Rustic wooden elements are the main attraction of this breakfast nook. Take a look at the main table of the space. It has wooden material with raw effect on it.

That effect really plays an important role in this space. The choice of colors is perfectly blended with the style and that background.

You can pair the table with brown-colored accessories like those pillows. Those dark-colored stools balance the rust to make it stylish.


Built-In Bench and Glass Table

Just by looking at this breakfast nook, we know that there’re two things that make this space interesting. For me, it’s that green window blind and that large black glass table in the middle.

As you can see, that black table is not made of wood or plastic. It’s actually made of glass which increases the value and style of this breakfast nook.

Adding such kind of treatment on the window improves the appearance of your entertainment source for space.


Small Nook with a Standout Accessories

There are some standout elements we see in this breakfast nook. The lavender centerpiece seems to be dominating the table. It gets balanced with colorful patterns of the cushion and pillows.

Above the table, we see outdoor lighting fixtures that successfully improve the value of the ceiling area. It hangs from the ceiling down close to the table.

Having the breakfast nook near the window is pretty essential since it could make the small and narrow space more airy and bright.


Breakfast Nook Ideas Glamorous Chandelier

Installing such kind of light fixture above the breakfast nook really amps up the style. As you can see, Capiz chandelier really adds a luxurious effect to the entire space.

It goes along with the high window and its curtains. The large space of window glass brings a natural atmosphere to improve your morning routine’s quality.

That wooden flooring matches the color of the sofa and chairs. That makes the whole space in harmony.


Rustic Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

If you think about applying the rustic style to an extreme level, you may want to explore this rustic space. That brick wall itself is enough to fulfill your expectation about having a rustic nook.

It looks perfectly rustic because it comes with a complete set of elements. You can combine the brick wall with such ethnic patterned fabric to balance the atmosphere.

Combining all of them together would result in the coziest space for eating or enjoying a cup of coffee.


Charming Mediterranean

This eclectic kitchen looks so charming with that Mediterranean themed breakfast nook. This house is located in Philadelphia.

The unique design of the gate seems welcomed to the guests. The seat is packed with some nice pillows with an interesting pattern.

It’s got an antique light chandelier with a noble brass that completes the scene. It goes against the window in order to get a nice effect from the outdoor light.


The Breakfast Nook for Intimacy

For a morning person, a breakfast nook plays an important part of the day. The large framed artwork somewhat release the pressure in this area.

It looks both playful and polished. If you are looking for a breakfast nook design that encourages intimacy, it would be a nice recommendation.

The various patterns on the pillows are there to color the space and balance the pattern inside the frame.



Designing a cozy breakfast nook could be a pretty challenging task. You have to manage the design of the nook to be simple and inspirational. With those comfortable breakfast nook ideas, make it become the best place to start your day in the morning.


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