Beautiful Bedrooms for Kids Decoration to Maximize Their Potential

Bedrooms for kids – Designing bedrooms for kids has their own challenge. It seems a bit difficult for many parents because it requires some consideration.

The key to designing bedrooms for kids is to understand your children’s character. This article is here to inspire you with some ideas about the kids’ bedroom. You’ll decide easily after that.

Bedrooms For Kids Who Love Animal

If your kids love animal a lot, you can choose to make their bedroom an indoor jungle. It would be so fun for them.

The atmosphere of the animal would make them happy being in the bedroom. Wall stickers play an important part here.

Don’t forget about the color combination, it’s something that keeps the room fun and comfortable for the kids. The pillows on the bed also have some cute animal images.


Fun KURA Bed of IKEA

Bedrooms for kids are all about colors, festivity, and playfulness. Those are the three keys that the designer of this bedroom applied.

As you can see, even with a dark scheme, this kids’ bedroom is still looking playful and colorful. Some fun decorations are needed to balance the dark scheme.

IKEA KURA bed design offers enough space beneath the bed to be used as a storage area to organize all of the toys.


Double Bed Design

For you who have two kids or a twin to stay in one bedroom, it’s the option you can go besides bunk bed.

It’s a perfect choice if you think bunk bed is not safe enough for your kids. Even though the bunk bed will save the floor space, it’s quite risky for them. Some parents just don’t want to take that risk.

The pastel color scheme in this bedroom provides the nuance and calmness to be enjoyed by the kids.


LEGO Themed Bedroom for Kids

The legendary kid’s toy has come to take over the bedroom. Kids love to play Lego. It’s also recommended for kids to play because it encourages their creativity.

From its first release many years ago, it’s still popular until today. It even has a series of movies almost every year.

The Lego can also form as furniture of the bedroom. The three main colors of Lego in this bedroom are green, yellow, and red.


Kids Bedroom with Indian Tent Style

For kids who have a sense of adventure, add some outdoor-friendly items to maximize the experience. The main attraction of this bedroom is that Indian tent.

Kids like to have their own personal spot or space to just having their time. The tent would be a nice special space for them.

The wall space above the headboard has a nice additional decoration to strengthen the theme of this bedroom.


Cute Pink Bedroom for Kids

Only for the girl, this bedroom looks cute and comfortable. The choice of pink shade fulfills the joy of this bedroom. You don’t need to put any more decoration, it’s just enough.

There is a pair of similar painting on the wall and a big mirror near the bed. It’s just what your little girl needs. The design seems a bit universal which means it’s also great for teen.

Add a cute doll to decorate an empty space around the corner. The point is to keep any space away from a boring feel.


Kids Bedroom with Chalkboard Wall

Kids love to explore their own creativity. For example, when you give them any kinds of writing or drawing tools, they will immediately play with it.

This bedroom concept allows you to provide them with a lot of space to draw. With chalkboard walls, you can make it happen just for your kids.

This kind of concept is a trend among parents. It’s applied for a good reason for the children. It’s also popular with teenagers who like to draw over their wall.


Black and White

The first time seeing this bedroom, that sharpie accent wall caught my attention. It really improves the looks of this black-white bedroom.

That simple and beautiful accent is a good choice for your baby. It has a large-scale geometric accent that fills up the wall in an elegant way.

It’s supported by the rich navy surroundings to make stunning bedroom kids with a simple decoration.


Kids Bedroom with Fabric Canopy on Bed

It’s one of the easiest ways to make an elegant style canopy for your bed. It adds personality to the bedroom. Actually, it’s not designed only for kids’ bedroom. It’s great for any space in the house.

This sweet bedroom for girls is a cool idea to try. It’s a small budget-friendly update but offers a significant change to the room.

You can add a little bit of matching decoration to make the white airy fabric canopy get into its perfection. The flooring pattern is another thing to be impressed with.


Creation Station

Having a special place to do the creation is a great way to treat your kid’s creativity. It will encourage them to create more with their imagination.

It’s not that hard to make. You just need a simple desk and some storage carts to organize all of your kid’s stuff.

Play with colors and make the station colorful to let your kids enjoy their time doing the creation of wild imagination.



After having a great exploration with those ideas of bedrooms for kids, you probably feel like you should act right now. It’s because designing your kids’ bedroom is not that hard.




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