22 Genius Apartment Storage Organization Ideas You Must Try

Have a small apartment? Apply these apartment storage organization ideas. With simple steps, you can get extra space to store daily belongings. These 22 options are perfect for any apartments.

1. Door Organizer

Door organizer makes use of vertical space. You can keep things like shoes and cleaning supplies.

2. Cabinet Door Storage

The inside of the cabinet door is ideal for storage space. Install a rack to store pan lids, trash can, or trays.

3. Shower Caddies with Removable Hooks

A shower caddy is a mini storage to keep bathroom supplies accessible. Hang them with removable hooks.

4. Corner Shelves for Small Objects

Use the often-ignored corner space by installing corner shelves. You can store knick-knacks, books, and photos.

5. Extra Shelf above the Door

The space above your door is a good place for a shelf. You can store things that are seldom used, but still useful.

6. Pegboard Wall Rack


A pegboard has many extended parts to hang stuff. You can hang keys, frying pans, ladles, strainers, clothes, and many more.

7. Slip Pantry Rack

Slip pantry rack can be inserted between fridge and wall. Use it to keep spice bottles, sauces, and other kitchen stuff.

8. Organizer Rack on the Fridge

Hang organizer rack on one of the fridge’s sides. You can also attach magnetic storage space, such as a dishtowel holder.

9. Over-the-sink Drying Rack

Let your tableware dry on a special rack after washing. This drying rack is attached over the sink.

10. Hooks for Extra Cup Storage

Double the cup storage capacity by installing cup hooks on the shelves. You can also use detachable hooks on wire cup racks.

11. Drawer for Vertically-folded Shirts

Fold shirts carefully to store them vertically. They save a lot of space in your drawer.

12. Basket, Hooks, and Ladder

Repaint old ladder and use it as a storage space. Attach a basket with hooks and place the ladder against any wall.

13. Peg Coat Rack for Shoes

A peg coat rack is handy shoe storage. Hang the shoes on the pegs to keeps them from soiling the floor.

14. T-shirts on Chain

Hang a chain inside the closet rack. Insert hangers into t-shirts and hang them vertically on the chain.

15. Use Chest as Coffee Table

Many storage chests come with double purposes. You can use them as coffee tables to save space in the living room.

16. Underbed Rolling Bin

Use the space under your bed with a rolling bin. Keep shoes, socks, magazines, or household fabrics there.

17. Buy Multipurpose Bed

18. Slide-out Scarf Rack

Use the inside of your closet by installing the slide-out rack. Attach bars to hang your scarves and towels.

19. Wall Bathroom Cabinet

Install a light bathroom cabinet on the wall. It will increase floor space.

20. Magnetic Panel Inside Shelf

Stick your lidded mason jars on magnetic panel hung inside a shelf. You can keep stuff at the top and bottom.

21. Multilevel Chef’s Cart

A multilevel chef’s cart can store many things, from dishware to various household fabrics.

22. S Hooks for Towel Hanger


If you have bathroom curtain railing, hang several S hooks there. Use them to store towels, saving space in your closet.

Many beds now come with additional storage space. Buy this multipurpose bed if you will live in a small apartment.

These apartment storage organization ideas are easy and practical. Try them to create more space in your home.

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