24 Chick and Stylish Apartment Balcony Ideas

Create a nice relaxing spot by upgrading your balcony! These 24 stylish apartment balcony ideas will transform your house into resort-worthy residence.

1. Wall Planters and String Light

Wall planters add fresh burst of colors in a small balcony. Use a string light with round bulbs to create atmosphere.

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2. Intricate Privacy Screen

Intricate privacy screen provides light and look while keeping privacy.


3. Cat-safe Reading Nook

Place a lounging chair on the balcony corner, with cotton rug. Install chicken wire on railing to stop cat from running through.

4. Bright Fabric for Privacy Screen

Bright Fabric for Privacy Screen

Bright-colored fabric create solid privacy without making you feel oppressed.

5. Legless Dining Table

Turn balcony into dining area with legless table. Install a railing shelf with flat surface.

6. Decorated Concrete Balcony

Decorated Concrete Balcony

Improve a concrete-floored balcony with wooden tiles. Buy concrete furniture to create focal point.

7. Natural Outdoor Furniture

small balcony table

Adorn the balcony with rustic furniture made of natural materials. Add light furniture from woven plants.

8. Relaxing Balcony with Umbrella

Decorate the balcony with wide sofas, an umbrella, small pillows, and rug for chic look.

9. Casual with Canopy

Add a fabric canopy to balcony for casual vibe. Tie several twines to hang decorative lanterns.

10. Refreshing Green Spot

Refreshing Green Spot balcony

Install several black planters on the railing and place vertical pot racks. Plant favorite herbs, seasonal flowers, and succulents.

11. Multipurpose Mini Balcony

Multipurpose Mini Balcony
outdoor string lights for sale Inspirational 24 Ways to Make the Most of Your Tiny Apartment Balcony

Half-fold table, seat with secret storage space, wooden floor, pots, and pillows create beautiful mini balcony.

12. Bamboo Privacy Screen

Bamboo Privacy Screen balcony

Horizontal bamboo poles and ropes form a makeshift privacy screen on balcony railing.

13. Beautiful Cement Balcony

Small folding table, storage chest as seat, pots, blinds, and unique lamp complement a cement-floor balcony.

14. Outdoor Balcony for Social Setting

Outdoor Balcony for Social Setting

An outdoor balcony can be turned into social spot with a wicker coffee table, sofa, new tiles, and folding chair.

15. Dog “Playground” Balcony

Dog “Playground” Balcony

Install a low fence with doghouse inside it. Add synthetic grass and dog bowls. Adorn the exterior with flower plants.

16. Rustic Balcony

Rustic Balcony

Woven rug, bamboo privacy screen, and recycled wooden bench create rustic but cozy balcony. Add cushions, pillows, and windchimes for more charming look.

17. Multiple Storage Spaces

Create multiple storage spaces with vertical shelf and storage boxes for benches. Adorn the floor with synthetic turf.

18. Beautiful Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs instantly improve a small balcony, especially paired with decorative pillows.

19. Small Dining Area

Bistro-style dining table with simple cotton rug and flower vase complement a simple balcony.

20. Decorative Tiles

Decorative Tiles balcony

Install decorative tiles to improve an old balcony floor instantly.

21. Hand-painted Balcony Floor

Use stencil and paint for DIY decorative floor. It is perfect to improve a basic concrete floor.

22. Relaxing European Balcony

Relaxing European Balcony

Wooden floor, iron railing, rattan chairs, and flower pots create the perfect European-style balcony.

23. Balcony with Pool

Place a kid’s pool with sturdy construction to submerge and relax on the balcony.

24. Sturdy Balcony Furniture

Sturdy Balcony Furniture

Sturdy, weatherproof furniture items are investments to create comfortable balcony.

These apartment balcony ideas are creative but affordable. Try one of them to make your balcony a relaxing, beautiful space.

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