6 Tips to Train Cats to Defecate and Urinate in The Right Place

One of the challenges in raising cats is teaching them how to urinate and defecate in the containers provided. This problem is especially experienced by kittens who are still babies. They still need help to identify the litter box or place to defecate. 

Even so, training a cat not to litter is actually not as difficult as you might think. Because they have the instinct to pee and poop in sandy areas and bury them with their feet. 

Regardless, you should give them hints so they can learn faster. Come on, see how to train a cat to defecate in the following place!

Place The Litter Box in a Quiet Place

Cats prefer to defecate in a place away from crowds. Put the sandbox in the corner of the room so he feels comfortable. Even so, make sure the sandbox is visible so he’ll always come back. Also do not put various items near the litter box. Especially for kittens, don’t use a litter box that is too high. This makes it difficult for him to use it and then urinate carelessly.

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Don’t Let Dirt Build Up

cat defecate and urinate

Because cats are clean animals by nature, they will feel disgusted and will not want to use a litter box full of their own feces and then defecate anywhere. So be diligent in cleaning the litter box and removing dirt.

In addition, the accumulated dirt can cause unpleasant odors in the house and increase the chances of disease spreading and multiplying.

Put Kitten in the Litter Box

Usually, the kitten will defecate and urinate shortly after eating. We have to teach him not to defecate in the open. To get used to it, put them in the sandbox at these times. This is a way of introducing them to the toilet.

Brackets with a Litter Box

If the previous three methods fail, we can also use this method as a last resort. Lock the cat in a room with the litter box. Automatically he will always and get used to defecating in its place. When we are trained, we can take it off again.

Practice Urinating in the Closet

place the litter box on top of the closet

If you want your cat to defecate in the closet, place the litter box on top of the closet. After each meal, lock the cat in the toilet along with the litter box. Then he will defecate in the sand. If you get used to it, even if the litter box is taken, the cat will still urinate in the closet.

Best Time

There are two possibilities as to when is the best time to train your cat to defecate. First, if you’re adopting an adult cat, it’s a good idea to do this as soon as they get to your house.

Chances are they already know that defecation should be done in sandy areas. Your job is to show me where the place is. Don’t forget to prepare all the necessities when the cat gets home, OK? 

The second possibility is that your cat has just given birth to a baby or that you have a newborn kitten. If this is the case, you don’t need to rush. Mother cats will usually clean their kittens. After they are about four weeks old, you can only teach them to defecate in the container provided. 

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