30 Home Libraries Ideas Perfect for Book Lovers

All bibliophiles love the sight of beautiful library. Home libraries ideas range from casual to elegant. Try one of these library ideas for remodeling project.

1. White Crate Shelves

A white crate shelving looks great with fireplace, glossy table, and lounging chairs.

2. High Circular Shelving

Circular shelving, wood panels, sofas, and draperies emphasize the classic look in a round library.

3. Dining Room Library

Combine a library with proper dining room for multipurpose room.

4. Homey Decorative Library

Spice up a home library by displaying objects such as unique lamps, inspirational quotes, artworks, and artifacts.

5. Luxurious Library

Marble fireplace, fancy sofas, thick rug, and chandelier create expensive statement in the library.

6. The Scenic Library

Library with a French door and large-panel windows showcase beautiful outdoor sceneries.

7. Modern-Classic Mixture

Old book collections create juxtaposition with sleek, modern shelves.

8. Elegant Library with Mahogany

Mahogany shelving, floor, Oriental rug, and furniture create elegant look.

9. Bookshelves as Art Displays

Turn a bookshelf into place for art display. Pick one spot and attach your favorite painting.

10. Oval Office-style Library

Create the look of Oval Office using wooden floor, chandelier, white shelves, and several mood lights.

11. The “Outdoor” Library

If you have a garden or backyard forest, build a library that faces it. Replace wall with glass panel.

12. “Chocolate” Library

Create cozy library with chocolate color theme. Add antique lamps, globe, circular table, and painting.

13. Two-story Tropical Library

Two-story library with tropical cabin design puts emphasis on wooden elements and natural materials.

14. Blue Library

Blue bookshelves, patterned rug, and blue window blinds create relaxing atmosphere.

15. Classic-style Library

Neutral wall colors and classic furniture look perfect when paired with decorative rug.

16. Tall Symmetrical Shelves

Installing tall symmetrical shelves create balanced, neat visual in the library.

17. Library with Warm Colors

Warm colors like burgundy, red, brown, and muted yellow create invigorating atmosphere in a traditional library.

18. Long Shelves for Classic Books

Long shelves are ideal to display a large collection of classic books.

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19. Circular Library with Decorative Ceiling

Circular library looks more interesting with decorative marble ceiling.

20. Mature, Elegant Library

Dark shelves, large window with curtains, leather furniture, and patterned rug create mature library design.

21. French Palace Library

Library with 17th-century French design brings opulence to the house.

22. Comfortable Reading Nook

Place seats, table, and a bookshelf to the corner to create comfortable reading nook.

23. Red Library

Red walls, patterned rug, and shelves create unique but warm library look.

24. Pink Library with Floral Patterns

Dark pink library looks elegant and feminine with realistic floral prints as accents.

25. Tall Dark Shelves

Place tall dark shelves near the window. White furniture helps reducing the darkness.

26. Antique Library with Long Sofas

Antique library with two long sofas is perfect for a narrow but long space.

27. Trendy, Contemporary Library

A contemporary library may have unique floor lamp, cocktail table, modern rug, and custom-made furniture.

28. Large Modern French Library

Modern French library boasts decorative ceiling, French doors, large windows, fireplace, and white sofas.

29. Eclectic Blue Library

Teal blue library with eclectic style showcases architectural shelves, classic decorations, and modern furniture.

30. Library for Social Setting

Combine social setting into a library by installing circular furniture across the shelves. Home library gives you a nice spot to enjoy favorite books. These home libraries ideas offer something unique for everyone.

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